• Intercultural training

    Intercultural training

    Learn to understand and anticipate the expectations and behavioural patterns of business partners from other cultures.

Intercultural training

Language skills form the basis of business success abroad, but are not the only key to unlock new markets. In times of globalisation, working in international teams is becoming increasingly important. Professional management is therefore essential for the success of international projects. In addition to aspects such as handling large workloads, in-depth management, product knowledge and an integrated approach, intercultural skills play a key role in international collaboration.

To establish binding contacts and negotiate successfully with your business partners, you have to be prepared to engage with foreign cultures and analyse your own cultural behaviour. The aim of intercultural training is therefore to understand and anticipate the expectations and behaviours of business partners from other cultures. By opting for intercultural training with KERN Training, you will learn how to avoid intercultural conflicts or resolve them successfully. The overriding aim is to develop flexible intercultural communication skills and train participants in specific areas of intercultural team management and collaboration.

Skilled teams of trainers with comprehensive cultural background knowledge will prepare you in a short period of time for working in the international market and international teams – whether a secondment abroad or looking after foreign colleagues or visitors.

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Cultural awareness

  • Power and scope of (one’s own) cultural imprinting
  • Diversity in decision-making
  • Differences in information requirements and presentation
  • Significance of inter-personal and inter-organisational relationship

Country-specific training

For a particular country and close contact with business partners in the target culture.

  • Brazil
  • India
  • Russia
  • USA
  • Arab countries
  • China
  • Japan
  • France

Overseas assignment and reintegration

Comprehensive preparation for a new living environment

  • Preparation of the entire family
  • Immersion and assimilation
  • Reintegration

Intercultural training

In our intercultural seminars, your employees will not only receive a wealth of information on the culture in question, but also practise particular behavioural patterns, social roles and communication techniques. Tailored to the given time frame and your primary areas of interest, these training courses take place using a mix between presentations, individual and group work, case studies, discussions and role plays, all supported by multimedia visual and simulation material.

Through interactive and situation-specific training, you can learn and explore what will subsequently be of greatest benefit for your business: from appropriate table manners and preferred topics of small talk through to effective negotiation and sales strategies.

Intercultural training with KERN Training is the recipe for successful communication in your activities beyond Germany's borders.