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    Language courses

    A language course opens up new doors for you. We offer a choice of many different languages and further education.


Language courses from KERN Training

The world of business is constantly expanding and international relations are no longer a rarity. Surviving in the international market needs certain requirements to be met. The main priority is to speak the right foreign language. Would you like to learn a new language and be professionally prepared in work and day-to-day situations? KERN Training offers the perfect support. Our language training, intercultural training and business and communication training are the perfect preparation for every situation.

In addition to the popular languages of English, Spanish, French and Russian, we offer you a choice of courses in many other languages. We use an online placement test to assess your language level and define your level of knowledge on the basis of this. This enables us to advise you effectively and recommend to you the right course. Training takes place in various different formats. You can book one-to-one or group training. We also arrange workshops and seminars where you can deepen specific specialised content. Whatever the course type and language, there are many different training formats available. You can choose from the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German as a foreign language
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • and many more languages

English language courses – master the global language

English is essential for business success in the international global market and on your holidays. With KERN Training courses, you are sure to achieve your desired language goal in English, while benefiting from qualified trainers coupled with our many years of experience in the area of foreign language training. All our courses are designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages which monitors progress in foreign language learning outcomes.

The one-to-one language course

Our one-to-one training is perfect for participants who want to achieve maximum efficiency and reach their learning goals quickly. The emphasis is on your personal wishes and needs. All the topics and focus areas are discussed and agreed with you in advance. From this we design a learning plan tailored to you for the language course of your choice. Our language coaches focus the teaching on the required content and your pace of learning. Native language trainers from KERN Training are happy to teach you in-house or at one of our language schools.

Complete a group language course

Whether Spanish, French or any other language: learning in a group offers many advantages. We organise our teaching in small groups of up to maximum 8 people. If you want to benefit from the interactive character of a small group, this language course is perfect for you! With the guidance of qualified KERN Training teachers, you are sure to achieve your language goals. To ensure that all the participants in the group  pursue the same learning goal, we first assess your language skills. We test both your written and verbal language skills.

Language course categories

We divide our language courses into categories, which allows us to offer a range of services. We offer the following types of course across all languages:

  • Seminar
  • One-to-one training
  • Group training
  • Intensive training
  • Examination preparation
  • Examination

Holiday language courses for school students

One of our popular language courses is explicitly designed with school students in mind. It provides targeted additional coaching at one of the KERN Training language schools, where native language teachers support the students to achieve a high level. We help the students overcome technical difficulties with grammar or reading and listening comprehension. We also teach them general learning skills so there are no further obstacles to success at school! The languages we offer are English, French, Spanish and German.

Language courses for your international employees

German as a foreign language is a hot topic for organisations and companies in Germany that operate internationally. It is crucial for companies to train their foreign employees in German. Our German as a foreign language courses not only cover normal everyday requirements, they also teach the professional and business language skills your employees need to complete their work tasks efficiently. These include, for example, telephone conferences, reading technical texts and presentations. To allow us to cater to various everyday situations in the workplace, our programme includes different types of course, training formats and workshop topics.

The diversity of our language courses

Would you like to complete an online language course? KERN Training thus promises flexible options and the best results. You can complete your language course any time, anywhere in the virtual classroom. It's where you will find your personal trainer as a direct point of contact. Whether one-to-one or training in small groups, we design the course to fully meet your needs. Tailored units and a high proportion of speaking are key success factors for the online course. Real-time communication via a webcam and a headset ensures optimal contact with other course participants and the trainers.

Blended learning offers a popular combination of online and face-to-face training. This brings together the advantage of both types of training in a practical manner. The way to success is paved by a combination of individual study and teacher-led training. Whichever course you book, we support you every step of the way! Using modern learning methods, we help you to achieve your personal learning goal, guaranteeing the most suitable solutions for every learning type

Language courses: Contact and consultancy

Have we roused your interest in one of our courses? Do you want to learn English, book a Spanish course or complete an online language course? We're happy to advise you about possible training formats, and recommend the right language course for you. Simply use the contact form below to send us your enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!

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