Business success in Russia

Over the past two decades, Russia has clearly emerged as the biggest country on the earth in all areas of business. Nevertheless, it maintains many of its own traditions which clearly distinguish the country from Central and Western European culture. The ability to recognise and deal with these differences is all the more important now that Russia has become a significant trading partner for German companies.

KERN AG Training supports you in establishing, further developing and intensifying your business relationships with Russian partners with intercultural training tailored to your needs.

Intercultural Training Russia

Our training teaches managers to operate in Russia successfully and without conflict, and to manage and motivate staff; your employees will be able to work effectively and purposefully and present the company to your business partners in a convincing and needs-oriented way. KERN AG Training thus smoothes your path to business success in Russia.

Course structure:

  • Culture and its components: Terms and definitions
  • Cultural comparison: your own and others' perceptions
  • General information about Russia: Country and people
  • Russia' history: Tradition, mentality, current affairs
  • Communication channels in Russia
  • Build relationships: verbal and non-verbal communication, formalities, small talk, invitations, gifts and private and business communication situations
  • Conducting negotiations
    • Division of roles and understanding hierarchy
    • Sense of timing: Schedule planning and duration of negotiations
    • Willingness to compromise
    • Strategies for price and contract negotiations
    • Conflict management
    • Significance of personal relationships
    • Dealing with praise and criticism
    • Feedback and objections
    • Risks of losing face
    • Humour

    The seminars are led by German and Russian experts with proven experience and high-level skills in cultural education, intercultural training and in the training of business people.

    On request, the training can be adapted to the target areas of Ukraine and Belarus (White Russia).