Business success in France

The focus of this intercultural training course is on acquiring a deep understanding of French culture and the French mentality, in particular in the context of business relationships. Participants acquire background information to better understand important rules of conduct and learn how to strengthen their French business relationships and so, achieve the success they are striving for in their career and in working with French colleagues and business partners. In particular, the course teaches a basic understanding of France, its culture and how to communicate in the world of business.

Intercultural Training France

In the Intercultural Training France course, you will develop a basic understanding of the county's cultural norms. You will learn how to better interpret the behaviour of your French colleagues and business partners and respond appropriately, without causing any misunderstandings. This forms the basis for your business success, based on mutual understanding and seamless collaboration.

Basic principles

  • Building and maintaining relationships and creating trust
  • Understanding time and its impact on business life
  • The importance of networking in business

Successful communication with French customers, colleagues and business partners

  • Comparison of communication behaviour and models between Germans and business partners in France
  • The high art of communication: The rules and techniques of French communication
  • Strategies and tools for leading French negotiations
  • Negotiation strategies in practice: Role play exercises and conclusions

Working with French customers, colleagues and business partners

  • The significance of hierarchies in France: The French business person – Presentation of different prototypes
  • Management, understanding the concept of work and taking responsibility for work in France
  • Cooperation or competition: French vs German team understanding

As a guest in France: business etiquette

  • Basic rules to observe
  • 'Sticking points' and 'potential synergies': Consequences for collaboration

The seminars are led by German or French experts with proven experience and high-level skills in cultural education and intercultural training. They are exceptionally well versed in French culture and will provide you with invaluable tips for working in France and collaborating with your French colleagues.

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