Online solutions from KERN Training

Practical e-learning solutions are more in demand than ever in the working world, as the need for further training is present, but employees’ time is also severely limited. This requires flexible learning concepts and solutions, which can be easily integrated in everyday workflows. We seek to meet this need with a variety of online solutions, which you can use at any time, independent of where you are.

Our online language learning solutions:

KERN Virtual™

Here you can learn a language via video chat with your personal trainer/ any time and independent of location!

Online self-guided learning platform

With our flexible language learning software, you can learn your desired language at your convenience either from home or when you're out and about.

Blended Learning

In this training concept, you study with a personal trainer and using the online self-guided learning platform.


Software that ensures efficient management of cost-effective, transparent, and sustainable further training measures.


Online evaluation test, which you can use to test your language skills for free


With our industry-specific solution app4client™, you can learn specialised and company-specific terminology flexibly on the go.

KERN Vocabulary trainer

Improve your language skills easily and effectively with the KERN Training vocabulary trainer.