Leading virtual teams

Managers who lead their teams in different locations from a distance face particular challenges. Virtual team work calls for significantly more communication than traditional teams – and competent use of modern media. In addition, communication needs to suit the various cultures and styles of communication.

The Virtual Teams training is geared towards managers who want to learn and improve the skill of dealing with virtual teams (with the focus on the USA), and apply clear rules of communication as a manager to successfully coordinate and steer their virtual teams. You will learn to build virtual teams, and manage them confidently with the support of various media.


Using real-life case studies and situations, participants will learn how to build, develop and manage virtual teams successfully. The training prepares participants for the various demands of management in the virtual arena, and equips them to work effectively in their particular professional situation.


  • Recognise and identify the key characteristics of successful teams and the particular features of international virtual Teams
  • Build trust motivation, feedback and strategies to handle conflict in virtual teams, with a focus on the USA
  • Adapt and expand communication skills in the virtual context and the particular features of US-American communication
  • Participation as a success factor
  • Development of an awareness of your role within the team
  • Preparation for challenges and problems in virtual teams
  • Deployment and use of techniques to measure and monitor your virtual team's performance

The course content is very varied and will be aligned to participants' individual requirements on the basis of a needs analysis. Focusing on the USA, participants will acquire background information to improve their understanding of important rules of conduct. The programme also covers the concept of business relationships in the USA along with successful communication and collaboration with business partners from the USA. Conversely, the programme content for managing international teams and team building remotely is not country-specific. This course covers topics such as corporate values and culture, the particular features of intercultural teams and employee motivation.

Overview of some of the further programme content:

Leading international teams from a distance

  • The role of management
  • Approach to managing from a distance
  • Differences between line managers and project managers in decentralised management
  • Employee expectations of decentralised management
  • Particular features in an international context

Collaborating with business partners in the USA

  • The significance of hierarchies
  • Management, understanding the concept of work and taking responsibility for work in the USA

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