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We take care of the management and organisation of your global training arrangements. Benefit from effective and targeted further training carried out professionally and efficiently – worldwide. If you would like to be sure that your training programme is in experienced hands, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Why Managed Training?

It is vital for the success of your company to have regular and strategically targeted training for your employees. Due to the high burden on HR personnel and the large amount of organisational effort associated with the successful implementation of (international) training programmes, outsourcing HR processes is becoming ever more relevant. Human Resources is thus significantly unburdened and can dedicate itself to the other important areas of staff management. KERN Training handles any concerns that you as HR department or internationally active company may have and provides you with comprehensive managed training services for the development of your personnel – worldwide!

Advantages of managed training services from KERN AG Training

  • Taking over of all training organisation
  • Establishing the training needs of employees in areas such as foreign languages, business and communication as well as intercultural training
  • Developing a training portfolio and curriculum
  • Comprehensive advice on seminars and e-learning
  • Publicising the training throughout your company (internal PR, newsletters, etc.)
  • Development of your own company portal
  • Provision of tools, platforms and software, e.g. KERN MTS™ – our own software for efficient planning of training processes
  • Use of innovative learning technologies, e.g. the self learning platform KERN Lingo™ or the KERN SkillsAcademy™
  • In-house training or open courses
  • Controlling and reporting
  • Supplier management
  • Individual solutions

What are managed training services?

Managed training services (MTS) is a term used to describe a modular range of individual solutions for the further training of employees and managers. This optimises the educational processes in the company efficiently and sustainably. Managed learning services (MLS) are often used in place of managed training.

The "managed" aspect relates to the fact that an external partner such as KERN AG Training is brought in for these services. This means we manage the further training processes in your company. This can be helpful for many reasons. For one, the internal HR department in many companies is not geared towards professional further training management or lacks the needed capacity and resources. Often, however, companies just want an “outside” perspective. A partner who neutrally and objectively assesses a company’s capabilities and then derives the appropriate measures. The success of these measures can also often be better evaluated by an external observer. 

With managed learning, it is not only important that an external partner carries out the actual training, but that they also accompany the entire process:

  • Conceptualisation: Which skills are needed? What kinds of training are required for this?
  • Planning: When will which training courses be held, in what context and over what period of time?
  • Implementation: booking or implementation of training courses, seminars and workshops.
  • Securing knowledge: how is what has been learned (knowledge and skills) secured and applied?

Managed training services from KERN

KERN AG Training takes over the entire planning and handling of global training programmes as part of the managed training services. From the individual needs assessment to the appropriate selection of trainers to the implementation and evaluation of further training programmes, you don’t have to worry about anything! 

We advise companies with regards to questions surrounding further training strategies and support the implementation of concepts which lead to a significant increase in return on education.

You will always maintain an overview of the learning progress of your employees. We structure and organise personalised training programmes and any other related items - irrespective of whether it’s for long- or short- term training schemes! As an expert in MTS with many years of experience, we provide you with the technology and take care of all organisational aspects.

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