Business success in the USA

Business relations with US American companies go back a long way. The Intercultural Training USA is the perfect preparation for doing business there.

Intercultural Training USA

Given the cultural commonalities between Europe and the USA in many aspect,s which run deep yet also reveal major differences, this training analyses American culture in more detail. For example, the training makes you aware of (sometimes subtle) differences that will enable you to operate purposefully and successfully in the US American cultural sphere.

Course structure: Cultural differences & General rules of conduct and etiquette

The seminars are led by German and US American experts with proven experience in the area of intercultural training for business people.

  • Ethics, morals, religion
  • Non-verbal communication: spatial and time frameworks
  • Personal structures: public and private life
  • National consciousness: the concept of 'leading cultural nation'
  • Working processes
    • Teamwork, decision-making, exchange of information
    • Meetings and negotiations
    • Dos and Don‘ts
    • Communication style
    • Agreements
    • Correct demeanour
    • Conversation, small talk
    • Business discussions