• Testimonials and partners

    Testimonials and partners

    Thank you for the successful and trusting collaboration!

References and partners

For many years, KERN AG has supported both regionally- and internationally-active medium and large enterprises with a variety of language, business and communications and intercultural training measures. Reputable banks, media, airlines and car manufacturers are just some of the clients with whom we have collaborated with intensively to provide individual training.

Additionally, we collaborate closely with our (training) partners, with whom we have a relationship of mutual support. A life of common values is always central to our partnerships. As an established training partner, it is always important to us to support the language skills of our partners and advocate for regional growth.

The following is a selection of companies with who we have realised a wide range of successful projects, as well as an overview of our partners. Here we would like to express our sincere thanks for the successful and trusting collaboration.

Our customers

Our partners

MT Melsungen

Since 2016 we have been official sponsors and training partners of the federal league handball team MT Melsungen At the same time as supporting a positive approach and sustainable growth in the region through our financial commitment, we also support new international players with intensive language training, and through this promote their quick and comprehensive integration.

Customer feedback

  • “Thanks to the training, I lost my shyness at speaking the language.”

    Radisson Hotels Deutschland GmbH

    “Overall, we are highly satisfied with how the course went.”

    Deutscher Wetterdienst (German weather service)

  • “The trainer enjoys teaching and motivates the students. I look forward to the course every week! It’s a good mix of grammar, exercises and language training.”


    “The trainer organised the seminar in such a way that learning was fun! THANKS!"

    Siemens AG

  • "The training was very effective and individual learning needs were taken into account. The trainer was dedicated, pleasant and polite." 


    "I am now able to write, speak and even hold training sessions at work in English with ease." 

    Radisson Hotels Deutschland GmbH

  • "I particularly liked that my language course was invidually tailored to me, which is a must for my professional needs!" 

    Radisson Hotels Deutschland GmbH

    "A major advantage was the fact that the trainer consistently encouraged us to speak (only) English, as speaking is the only way that really helps to gain confidence in the language." 

    Deutscher Wetterdienst

  • "The trainer familiarised himself with our requirements and our philosophy in advance in order to prepare himself in a targeted manner for our team and our practical situations. The training was exceptionally practical." 

    Ernsting's family 

    "I'm super, super happy with your lessons: very well structured, interactive, with a lot of content and also, FUN (...). Your lessons motivate me a lot and make me want to keep on learning German."


  • “Very good training effect, consideration for the individual learning need, commitment, very pleasant and civilised atmosphere.”


  • “What I liked in particular was that my language course was tailored to me personally, which is a must for my line of work!”

     Radisson Hotels Deutschland GmbH

  • “The trainer got intensively acquainted with our requirements and our philosophy in advance in order to prepare in a targeted manner for our team and our practical situations. The training was really outstanding in the sense that it was practically focused.

    Ernsting's family