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  • Leading conversations seminar

    Leading conversations

    Lead successful conversations thanks to KERN AG Training: Learn how to find the right words at work and develop valuable communication skills.

Leading conversations seminar

Finding the right words and the appropriate tone at the right time is a big challenge. And then there is the non-verbal communication such as gestures, facial expressions and body language which tell you a lot about the other person, and can convey many messages. Our communication experts will teach you how to lead conversations towards your goals and develop your communications and conversation skills.

Courses in the area of leading conversations are particularly relevant for managers, project leaders and employees in management positions. You therefore learn the basic principles of communication and how to handle complex situations. To ensure you can apply what you have learned in practice, you´ll  do exercises involving different conversation situations which may present a challenge in your day-to-day working life. 

You can book and combine the following courses in leading conversations with us:

  • Basic principles of communication
  • Leading negotiations (manage negotiations with confidence)
  • Rhetoric
  • Presentation
  • Leading and directing conversations
  • Management communication

Learn to lead conversations

We teach you the basic principles of leading conversations and give you the negotiation skills you need to lead conversations effectively and purposely. Controlling and directing conversations is a key skill that significantly increases the chance of successful negotiations. We also show you how to handle disruptions to conversations and confrontation to ensure you're perfectly prepared. 

Additional leading conversations seminars

Combine courses or expand your knowledge. KERN AG Training offers a wide choice of business seminars to teach you conversation management and other skills and improve your abilities. You can also select courses in:   

  • Personal and self-management
  • Social skills
  • Sales and customer management
  • International work

Communication and leading conversations

What you say and how you actually come across to others can be two very different things. Learn the basic principles of communication and the significance of messages and how they are perceived. We take you step by step through the different levels of communication, develop listening and questioning techniques and teach you how you  interpret the other party's behavioural and communication style. Gain the skills you need to master negotiations effortlessly. At the end of the leading conversations seminar you will have developed an understanding of different conversational situations.

Leading conversations: Learn with us

  • Basic principles of communication and leading conversations
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication patterns
  • Asking questions, listening, giving feedback
  • Understand different conversational situations
  • Develop your own methods
  • Deal with conflicts
  • Develop persuasion tactics
  • Maintaining customer relations
  • Leading employees