• Free special workshops

    Free special workshops

     Join one of our free workshops and benefit from our effective training tools and extensive experience in the area of language training!

Free special workshops

In addition to our successful business training courses and other exciting language skills seminars, we offer you the opportunity to take part in one of our free workshops! Would you like to complete some further training, but still not sure which course you should take? Take the opportunity and secure yourself a sought-after place on one of our free workshops. We are happy to advise you beyond the workshop, and present our business seminars in more detail.

We teach you and your colleagues a wide range of skills that are crucial in your day-to-day professional life. As an international services provider in the fields of language training for specialist and executive personnel, business and communication training as well as intercultural training, we know

  • that companies that invest in their employees' foreign language skills are almost 45% more successful in export business,
  • that dedicated business skills help to secure long-term success,
  • that business and language skills make a significant contribution to delivering internationalisation strategies.

Attend a free special workshop to see the positive effects of our training tools for yourself. Register today for a no-obligation workshop!

Note: The workshops also take place in the virtual classroom.

Registration for free special workshops

Language center Date Topic
Karlsruhe 07.09.2020 Kundenservice
Karlsruhe 29.09.2020 Vertriebskommunikation
Karlsruhe 10.11.2020 Resilienz
Karlsruhe 16.11.2020 Wirksamkeit steigern
Mannheim 10.07.2020 Medical / Pharmaceutical English
Mannheim 24.09.2020 Interkultureller Workshop: China
Mannheim 08.10.2020 Führungskommunikation
Mannheim 12.11.2020 Konfliktmanagement
Mannheim 03.12.2020 Resilienz
Nürnberg 22.07.2020 English for HR
Nürnberg 30.09.2020 Zeit- und Organisationsmanagement

Contact & Advice

Do you have questions about the content and the methods used in our free workshops? Would you like to learn how to communicate professionally, or book a training course now? Are you interested in an intercultural training course? Simply use the contact form below to send us your enquiry! We will contact you as soon as possible, and look forward to hearing from you!

Free special workshop content

The topics covered by our free workshops are both current and relevant! This means they are of interest to everyone Examples of the topics covered include: Speed-reading training, intercultural dynamics in international project management and time and organisation management, as well as English for HR experts and English for procurement You can attend our free workshops at one of our language schools. Depending on the event, they are held for example in, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Mannheim, Kassel, Cologne or Stuttgart. You can register easily online and your request will be forwarded directly to us.

Successful workshops thanks to extensive experience

Is the professional further development of your employees in the area of business and communication skills important to you? Would you like team members with excellent training who contribute to your company's success and who can tackle business situations better? Then trust in our experience in the area of communication and further development! KERN Training supports both companies and individuals, and as an international further training provider we can help to shape your future successfully too.

Free special workshops as the basis for further courses

Our free workshops are designed to give you some initial insights into interesting business training topics. Would you like to broaden your knowledge by booking a place in  a more intensive business workshop? We are happy to advise you on the various options and explain our services to you. In addition to workshops, we also offer a broad spectrum of business and communication training, language training and intercultural training. We teach you specific know-how in all these areas, thus ensuring the best possible combination of all the essential skills. For specialist and executive personnel in particular, sound knowledge in the areas of leadership, sales, project management, work techniques and communication is crucial.

Advanced seminars and workshops are designed in particular to train participants in handling business situations professionally, efficient time and self-management as well as skills in leading conversations. The ability to lead social interaction, including working as a team and motivation training can also be learned! Develop your skills expertly and book your training with us. If you want to expand your knowledge of foreign cultures, our Intercultural Training is sure to help you. In our country-specific training for China, India, the USA and other counties, we teach you sensitivity to the particular cultural etiquette. Do you have frequent communication with foreign business partners or do you want to work in international teams? We can support you in this and continually train you.. Your goals are defined  beforehand, and together we´ll develop the optimal strategy to take you forward!