• Controlling and reporting

    Controlling, reporting and supplier management

    We support you in the evaluation and controlling of your training provision!

Controlling, reporting and supplier management

KERN Training supports you in controlling, reporting and supplier management amongst other things through:

  • Training the participants
  • Assessing participants’ satisfaction regarding the training
  • Management of expertise and competence
  • Supplier management
  • Finance management

Assessment of training programmes

  • Record of attendance
  • Interim review after the course has begun
  • Participant's feedback to the customer
  • Trainer's report to the customer
  • Final test at the end of the training (on request)
  • On successful completion of a final test, you will receive a certificate or an internationally recognised certificate as proof of your success.

On the dashboard you get an oversight of all the training activities:

  • Learning outcomes achieved
  • Attendance statistics
  • Average time of training


We analyse the training needs of employees and ascertain which forms of training would be the most effective for you - whether in-person training, e-learning or a virtual classroom. Therefore, we develop a personalised learning plan for every participant and regularly evaluate learning progress through participant reports. Moreover we deliver to you statistics about the overall costs of training, the number of participants, etc.

Supplier management

  • Evaluation and choosing of suppliers
  • Pooling themes and using synergies
  • Harmonising the training process and communication with suppliers
  • Integration and interfaces
  • A fixed contact person from project management and close cooperation with the education product manager, trainer and the specialist departments
  • Quality standards and processing
  • Individually adapted customer portal for the smooth handling of orders
  • Reporting on all booked training provision at your company