Business success in Japan

Japan has an ancient culture, and has always developed separately from the Asian main land. These two factors alone indicate that it is not easy for foreigners to adapt to the highly autonomous and binding Japanese culture. There are many forms of behaviour, and ethical and social norms that are unique to Japan. And when you also consider that there are some 10,000 kilometres between Europe and the 'Land of the rising sun', and that each kilometre also adds to the cultural distance, it's easy to see how helpful it is for business success to engage with the Japanese only on the basis of solid prior cultural understanding.

Intercultural training Japan

Our intercultural Japan seminars teach you all the tips and information to successfully conduct business with Japanese partners.

Course structure:

  • General rules of conduct
  • Indirect contact: Telephone calls and correspondence
  • Direct contact: Personal dialogue and team meetings
  • Japanese table manners
  • Welcoming Japanese guests in Germany
  • Preparing for business travel to Japan
  • Understand the Japanese – how the Japanese think and feel
  • Fundamental and unchangeable elements of Japanese business culture
  • Understanding Japanese quality and customers

The seminars are led by German and/or Japanese experts with proven experience and high-level skills in cultural education, intercultural training and in the training of business people.