Our philosophy

Globalisation and worldwide networking call for international communication at all levels. Whether language training, intercultural training or business and communication training, we aim to offer a top-quality service As an independent family business with sustainable growth, we have been building partnerships with clients from all different sectors for over fifty years. Trade, industry, services, authorities, associations, firms, schools and private customers. Our comprehensive leaving service package has given us a reputation which reaches far beyond the borders of Germany.

To meet the challenges of a changing world, we are constantly working to further develop our services and pursue a sustainable growth strategy. Our structures are therefore customer-friendly, flexible and forward-looking.

Our company values:


We think and act for the benefit of our customers, we listen to them and we offer them comprehensive advice. Our attitude is fair, tolerant and accommodating. We promote the professional and personal development of our team members and enjoy working with our suppliers long-term and with a focus on the future.


Our utmost goal is our customers' absolute satisfaction. Using state-of-the-art resources, we work cost-consciously and are guided by the latest in technological progress. This is supported by the continuous improvement of our quality management system.

Sustained economic success

We aim for a strong position in the market, in the interests of our customers, suppliers and employees. As an independent family-run business, we would like to sustain and further develop our own identity.

Our keys to success:

Customer focus

We understand the high demands of the market and aim for long-term customer satisfaction. We seek dialogue with our clients and take their suggestions into account, so that we can constantly improve our procedures, tools and training. We fulfil wishes and quality requirements, always with an eye on the our customers goals and benefits. As a long-term partner we want to constantly be the best and do everything we can for the success of your projects, especially when our clients are striving for inclusion and success on the training and job market.

Our employees

Our employees: Our employees support our success through their skills, motivation and performance. They demonstrate personal initiative, courage and adaptability every day.


We are constantly developing our processes, training and tools. We work with our customers to develop innovative concepts that help you to achieve your objectives.


We reach clear decisions, stick to our word and deliver what we promise. By working in partnership, we aim to build and maintain successful customer relationships for the longterm.

With the dedication, wealth of ideas and professional commitment of all our employees, we aspire to successfully establish KERN Training as a market leader in international communication.