KERN Training – language tuition for you!

KERN Training offers you a variety of options to learn languages. Choose for yourself what fits with your day-to-day life, how you prefer to learn and how you learn most effectively, and so gain the flexibility and joy of acquiring skills. We offer the following forms of training, among others:

How KERN Training benefits you!

  • You decide how to allocate your time
  • Learn anywhere
  • Combine classroom with online learning
  • Individual language coaching
  • Adapted to your level of language
  • In groups or individual training
  • Modern and innovative methods
  • Regular feedback
  • Learn at your own speed

KERN Training courses offer you:

Certified trainers

Communication professionals: Our seminars are led by certified trainers with expertise and cross-sector know-how.



Fast learning success

Teaching in a way you'll understand: We equip you with strategies and tips that you can start using and assimilating immediately.



Practical application

No general theory: Our training is based on real-life situations and we're happy to include your concrete examples so we can fully tailor our support to your own situation!

Have fun

Chat, interact, laugh: Creative togetherness promises a great atmosphere that will quickly boost your self-confidence!



Face-to-face training

We currently have language schools at over 45 locations in Germany. where you can join any of our language courses, business courses and intercultural courses. Learn by working with our trainers in individual or group training Via on-site learning, you’ll converse with other participants and work together on our language skills.

In-house language tuition

Do you want your employees to learn while at work and get the team to work in groups as much as possible? Our language teachers come to you at your business premises. One big advantage of in-house language training is that that both travel time and costs, and you can also discuss company-specific topics and problems in a safe environment. Here too, we offer individual courses as well as training in small groups.  

Online courses

If your time is flexible and you want to learn languages wherever you are, our online courses may be just what you're looking for. Via the virtual classroom , you can take part in language courses or you choose the blended learning method, where you can train yourself using the online self-learning platform KERN Lingo™ or you can learn on-site as well as in the virtual classroom . This allows you to incorporate our courses into your day-to-day life. 

Contact & Advice

Already decided the form of language tuition you want? Do you need more information, or some advice? We'd be delighted to help. Send us a brief message via the contact form or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

Seminars close to you:

KERN leads seminars at many different locations throughout Germany.
We are also happy to offer training in-house at your premises. Find out more now or ask for our free advice!

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