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    New learning tools – flexible options!

Blended learning language courses: in-person and online classes combined in KERN Blended™.

Flexible training concepts are more in demand than ever. In line with our fundamental principle of combining the tried and tested with the innovative, our blended learning solution KERN Blended™ offers your employees online language training in combination with live teaching (in-person classes). Connecting self-study to teacher-led instruction leads to success. Your employees learn when and where they want, either at work or flexibly from home, with the support of a trainer. We are excited to be able to offer you our blended learning language courses. 

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Your advantages with KERN Blended™ at a glance

Learn according to your own schedule and develop your skills in a targeted way withblended learning training:

  • Perfectly suited for companies
  • Teaching around the clock
  • Unlimited access to 1,200 teaching hours
  • English, German, Spanish, French and Italian plus other languages for all stages of learning
  • Personal vocabulary trainer
  • A wide choice of business courses, e.g. Meetings or Presentations
  • TOEFL and TOEIC preparation courses
  • Courses can start at any time
  • Course content custom-made for your company


12 months

Course fee

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More information on blended learning with KERN Blended™

Below you will find general information as well as answers to frequently asked questions about our blended learning concept.

What is blended learning?

Blending learning is an approach that combines different learning formats: digital e-learning with traditional in-class instruction. In this way, the advantages of both learning formats can be used, while possible disadvantages are avoided as far as possible.

In contrast to face-to-face learning, online teaching can, for example, reduce costs for travel and classrooms. However, content that is easier to teach face-to-face or where the feel of the learning material is relevant benefits from face-to-face learning formats.

In general, the combination of face-to-face and e-learning elements offers variation and the opportunity to impart knowledge and information using a wide variety of methods. Content can also be recorded digitally and comprehensibly on an e-learning platform.

The terms “integrated learning” or “hybrid learning” are also commonly used synonyms. Occasionally, you may also hear “blended e-learning”, but this is somewhat misleading.

How does a blended learning programme work?

Together with you, we clarify in advance what content is desired, for example: Which language? Which language level? Depending on the desired content, we will decide what is most suitable for face-to-face instruction or for online courses. Building on that, an individual blended learning model is designed – a road map for your learning content. The programme will alternate between face-to-face and online phases.

The live online training can be conducted at your place of work, as well as from the comfort of your own home. You will be accompanied by our professional teaching staff. KERN Blended™ offers the virtual learning platform for online learning.

For whom are blended learning courses suitable?

A broad curriculum offers a learning plan for every employee, designed around each individual's level of knowledge. This means that blending learning courses are suitable for every employee as a form of continuing education and training. You will have a personal trainer who makes sure that your learning progress is secured. 

Blended learning for languages

A wide range of learning content can be ideally taught via digital and hybrid learning formats. For the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to languages, blending learning is particularly well-suited. Unlike mere face-to-face concepts, the e-learning phases enable even participants with lower levels of knowledge to be accommodated. In addition to the online workshops, self-study may also help here, which may have to be somewhat more intensive for these participants.

Of course, KERN Blended™ can help you here and recommend individual measures for your blended learning language course! 

How does blended learning help in everyday work?

Due to the advancement and omnipresence of digital media in everyday life, it is increasingly important to develop and make use of modern methods and concepts for knowledge transfer. KERN Blended™ offers a wide range of business courses, for example Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations or Social Skills. In this way, we help your employees break down language barriers quickly and in a targeted manner.

Modern methods, tools and content ensure that the set goals can be reached efficiently. The combination of in-person and e-learning courses provides variety. Here, you can rely on the competence and experience of our blended learning trainers.

Why are blended learning courses perfect for companies?

With languages courses individually tailored to your employees, no one is neglected and all participants are considered equally. The blended learning language courses are geared towards the language level of the participants, thus making courses for both beginners as well as advanced learners possible. We will develop a blended learning strategy individually tailored to your company! 

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