KERN Training – your reliable partner for continued professional development

KERN Training is part of the KERN Group, the comprehensive service provider in the area of foreign-language communication. Our diverse portfolio includes, among others, language training for companies and individuals, business and communication training, intercultural training as well as translation, interpreting, terminology management, technical documentation, software localisation and multilingual desktop publishing.

As an internationally-established further training provider with over 45 training centres across Germany, KERN Training has offered a wide range of services since 2005. By absorbing the Institut für Kreatives Lernen (Institute for Creative Learning) in 2005 and founding KERN Training, the Group significantly expanded its service portfolio to include business, communication and intercultural training. KERN Training has always catered to the requirements of the area of personnel development and the increased multilingualism and internationalisation of companies. In this way, our business, communication and intercultural training offers specialist and executive personnel the ideal opportunity to further develop themselves and the personal skills which are important for everyday working life or dealing with international business partners.

Furthermore, KERN Training is a state-recognised education provider and is licensed under ISO 9001, as well as under the Accreditation and Approval for the Promotion of Employment (AZAV) certificate issued by Hessen's Technical Control Board (TÜV). 

With the variety of training opportunities we offer, KERN training can be tailored to the individual needs of every participant. Thus the form of the training can range from customised one-to-one training to group training to intensive training. Additionally, KERN Training uses the latest technology to offer flexible options for language-learning on the go - whether that be with KERN Virtual™, the KERN Apps or the independent learning platform KERN Lingo™.

The following development projects have already been realised: