The KERN Group and KERN Training – your partner for all the world's major languages

The KERN Group's corporate network is an international full-service provider in the field of communication. The Group's comprehensive range of services includes language training for specialist and executive personnel and private individuals, business and communication training, intercultural training as well as translation and interpreting from and into all the world's major languages, terminology management, the preparation of technical documents, localisation of software and websites, multilingual desktop publishing and graphic design, as well as the printing and distribution of foreign language documents. The KERN Group combines the expertise and experience of its specialists to offer you a first-class, all-round service and the highest level of accuracy and quality, absolute reliability and individual service. Extensive experience and working with a very wide range of customers have assured the group's growth, resulting in different companies to provide all the support you need.

KERN Training is an ISO-certified, and a state-recognised training  provider in accordance with AZAV (Accreditation and Licensing Regulation – Employment Promotion). The European Social Fund (ESF) and the Federal Employment Agency finance certified further education programmes.

The KERN Group constantly keeps pace with the rapid pace of digital media development. With a young and dynamic team of employees, continual innovation and ongoing growth in Germany and in international markets, the group constantly opens up new opportunities for its customers to improve their collaboration and communication. As a well-run family business with over 50 years of experience and over 60 branches worldwide, the KERN Group is always on hand to offer you a comprehensive range of foreign language services wherever you are.

Our research, development and innovation group focuses on the use of modern digital training media. The following development projects have already been realised:

  • KERN MTS™ company portal
  • E-learning environment for large companies
  • KERN Virtual™