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India is known for its cultural diversity and numerous peculiarities, which often appear foreign to people from Germany or Central Europe. However, India offers great investment potential for German companies. But to do business successfully in India, you need to understand Indian patterns of behaviour and the cultural backgrounds. Intercultural training for India teaches you, for example, that communication in India is often informal in order to create a good atmosphere, even in business. However, Indians usually don’t find it easy to give a definitive "no", as they place great value on maintaining harmony. The training also teaches business partners from Germany to read between the lines.

With intercultural training tailored to your needs, KERN AG Training supports you in establishing, further developing and intensifying your business relationships with partners from the emerging economy of India. The training is individually geared towards the needs of the employees. You, too, can benefit from our trainers’ comprehensive knowledge. Through targeted training and intercultural coaching, you will exploit your potential for German-Indian collaboration to the fullest.

Professional success through intercultural training for India

Intercultural competence, knowledge of intercultural communication and of Indian customs and cultural backgrounds form the basis for negotiations and business success India. Central to this is the conscious awareness of cultural characteristics, sensitivity to dealing with Indian business partners and, building on this, the furthering of intercultural skills.

Intercultural training - indispensable for India

In our intercultural training for India, you will learn how to better anticipate the behaviour of your Indian colleagues and business partners and respond appropriately. This forms the basis from which, underpinned by mutual understanding, you can achieve successful collaboration. Within a short time, the training will enable your specialist and executive personnel to operate successfully and without conflict in the Indian culture, and to lead and motivate intercultural teams. We give you the country-specific knowledge and skills to either avoid intercultural conflicts altogether or to resolve them quickly. This enables you to successfully and effectively achieve your business goals. There is equal focus on your own cultural conditioning and the fundamental structures of Indian society and how these manifest themselves in day-to-day business communication.

Training methods and approaches

Our mix of methods guarantees a high level of knowledge transfer and active collaboration between participants: We switch between short theoretical inputs, one-to-one and group work, case studies, discussions and role playing, and integrate multimedia visual aids and simulation material. Find out here about the content and main topics of the intercultural training for India.

Topics covered in the intercultural training for India:

  • Fundamental patterns of Indian social structure and business world
  • Focus: the caste system in Indian society
  • Initial contacts with Indian partners and communication behaviour
  • Indian flexibility in communication
  • "Yes" and "No" in India
  • Negotiating and working together with Indian business partners
  • Recognising and dealing with conflicts
  • Working with colleagues in India
  • Intercultural competence, leadership styles and employee motivation in India
  • Working in German-Indian project teams: harnessing the opportunities of intercultural potential
  • Planning and decision-making in Germany and India
  • Developing strategies for India

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Negotiating with Indian business partners

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