• Country-specific training

    Country-specific training

    County-specific training: Understand the behaviour and values of other cultures so that you can respond successfully and appropriately.

Intercultural skills training

Lots of companies are already operating internationally, and many more are planning  to. Particularly in this age of digitalisation and globalisation, collaborating on the international stage is becoming easier, and channels of communication are becoming significantly shorter. Successful long-term international collaboration requires appropriate interaction with other cultures. Completing the intercultural skills training course is the best way to achieve this – and avoid intercultural conflicts from the outset.

The Intercultural Skills Training will give you an understanding of the cultural differences between your elected country and Germany. Practical intercultural skills teach an understanding of other cultures on an emotional level, as well as intercultural sensitivity. Experts from your chosen cultural group provide advice and practical support. We offer country-specific training for many countries such as:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • France
  • India
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • USA

If you don't see the country you are doing business with, please contact us. We offer Intercultural Skills Training for all cultural regions  such as Muslim, Asian, Hindu and American countries. The seminar is individually tailored to your requirements, and supplemented with practical exercises. It doesn't just cover personal business interaction, but also  telephone calls and  formulating emails. This means you will learn to understand , as well as respond appropriately in different situations. You will learn verbal and non-verbal communication patterns and acquire cultural background knowledge.

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Potential conflict in the absence of intercultural skills

A good example is how different cultures understand the meaning of punctuality. Where Arab countries generally think in terms of a time span "in the afternoon" or "in the morning", in Asia it is considered an insult not to adhere to the exact agreed times.

Understanding intercultural behaviour and thought patterns

Every culture has its own rules and patterns of behaviour which you need to understand when doing business there. The country-specific training focuses on the particular country behavioural and thought patterns. It is about differences with respect to punctuality, religious persuasion and their impact on how business is done, hierarchy, decision-making processes and ways of communicating – directly/indirectly, vague or specific. Different cultural patterns of behaviour too often lead to misunderstandings, and can even be considered insulting. This is why Intercultural Skills Training goes far beyond linguistic ability.

Practical exercise – intercultural skills

This KERN Training seminar is the perfect preparation for meeting  international partners. You will act more confidently and leave a positive impression.

The course looks at basic cultural patterns as well as culture-specific forms of conduct, standards and values. We also analyse your perception of yourself and of others, as well as the concepts of roles, and highlight areas of conflict to avoid.

Define the structure of your course yourself

Decide for yourself how you want to learn intercultural skills. Intercultural skills are structured as follows:

  • Lectures and presentations 
  • Activities and case studies
  • Individual coaching
  • Teamwork

Intercultural skills training by KERN

 On completion of the country-specific course, you will find it easier to understand and comply with different cultural traditions and patterns of behaviour. Once you have completed the training, you will have learned to see things from the other party's side and will be a skilled persuader. People will trust you, feel safe with you, and that forms the basis for long-term partnerships.

Customer communication, negotiations and more!

In addition to country-specific training, KERN Training also offers further intercultural training courses. KERN Training offers you the opportunity to expand your skills, for example with a cultural awareness seminar, as well as specialist intercultural training in the areas of management, sales, human resources and international teams. These courses build on one another to expand your cultural knowledge. These courses are particularly recommended for specialist and executive personnel as well as sales representatives who are in contact with international business partners.

Naturally, we offer courses in the language of the particular country too. Your business contact will certainly be delighted if you introduce yourself in Japanese, or can manage a greeting in Russian. A few words in the language of the country you are doing business with can only be beneficial.