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Lots of companies are already operating internationally, and many more are aiming to. Particularly in this age of digitalisation and globalisation, collaborating on the international stage is becoming easier, and channels of communication are becoming significantly shorter. For international collaboration to be successful in the long term appropriate interaction with other cultures is a prerequisite. Completing the intercultural training course is the best way to achieve this – and avoid intercultural conflicts from the outset.

The intercultural training will give you an understanding of the cultural differences between your chosen country and Germany. Practical exercises training intercultural skills teach an understanding of other cultures on an emotional level, as well as intercultural awareness. For this purpose, an expert from the requested cultural sphere will help and advise you.

Here are some of the areas we offer country-specific training for:

Potential conflict in the absence of intercultural skills

A good example is how different cultures understand the meaning of punctuality. Where Arab countries generally think in terms of a time span "in the afternoon" or "in the morning", in Asia it is considered an insult not to adhere to the exact agreed times.

Understanding intercultural behaviour and thought patterns

The country-specific training focuses on how the particular country behaves and its thought patterns. It is about differences with respect to punctuality, religious persuasion and their impact on how business is done, hierarchy, decision-making processes and ways of communicating – directly/indirectly, vague or specific. Different cultural patterns of behaviour too often lead to misunderstandings, and can even be considered insulting.

Practically relevant training content

The training will prepare you ideally for your meeting with international business partners. You will act more confidently and leave a positive impression. The course looks at basic cultural patterns as well as culture-specific forms of conduct, standards and values. We also analyse your self-image and public image, as well as the concepts of roles, and highlight areas of conflict to avoid.

Customer communication, negotiations and more!

KERN Training also offers further country-specific trainings for other cultural spheres. You can also enhance your skills in other areas of intercultural training. For example, with the course on cultural awareness, but also with specialised intercultural trainings on leadership, sales, human resources or international teams. These courses build on one another to expand your knowledge.

Naturally, we also offer courses in the language of the particular country too. Your business contact will certainly be delighted if you introduce yourself in Japanese, or can manage a greeting in Russian.

Country-specific training from KERN offers you:

Certified trainers

Communication experts: Our seminars are led by certified communication trainers with expertise and cross-sector know-how.



Fast learning success

Teaching in a way you'll understand: We equip you with strategies and tips that you can start using and assimilating immediately.



Practical application

No general theory: Our training is based on real-life situations and we're happy to include your concrete examples so we can fully tailor our support to your own situation!

Have fun

Chat, interact, laugh: Creative togetherness promises a great atmosphere that will quickly boost your self-confidence!



Country-specific seminars near you:

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