Determining language skills: The KERN Assess™ placement test

The effectiveness of a language course – and therefore a successful learning outcome – is largely dependent on how well the course content is aligned to prior knowledge.

KERN AG Training offers you the option to test your own language skills with the KERN Assess™placement test. Your language skills are tested using a multiple choice test and you are then assigned to one of twelve practical skills levels. The test assesses all the relevant language skills, such as grammar, linguistic register, use of idiom and reading comprehension. It provides you with a true assessment of your level of performance, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

The flexible language test for companies: KERN Assess™

The lingoscore™ placement test is an online-based, highly variable language testing program which can also be adjusted to your individual requirements. KERN AG Training thus offers a simple way to determine your employees' language skills. This allows you to design your ideal test program from a wide choice of available modules. KERN Assess™ is currently available for English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. The user interface can also be set to the required source language, allowing all candidates to read the test instructions in their own native language. If required, the modules can be designed to suit each individual candidate's field of activity. The test results are recorded in a database and can be sorted, filtered and exported based on different criteria, such as overall result, partial result or duration required to complete the test. In addition, KERN Assess™ can be used as a learning progress check for any desired language level or, for example, independently of training programmes, for applicant screening. KERN Assess™ is thus an efficient tool for personnel development managers for continuing education programmes in the area of foreign languages.Placement test KERN Assess™

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Verbal placement test

Please note: A written placement test can of course only ever provide an indication of your language skills. To obtain a definitive result, you will need to complete a verbal assessment with a native speaker. We are happy to test your active language skills in a telephone interview for a small administrative fee. Please email us in advance with your preferred appointment details.

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