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E-Learning with the language platform of KERN AG Training

Do you want to learn a foreign language free from traditional courses and fixed deadlines, consolidate your knowledge, or simply invest more time in language training? Are you looking for user-friendly language software? We offer you a flexible option! With the KERN Lingo™ e-learning solution, you can complete exercises online at your own convenience and allocate your time yourself. With this application-specific training, we guarantee great training efficiency and lots of fun while learning.

E-Learning-Plattform for numerous languages

Our diverse and comprehensive range of language and communication training programmes is ideally suited as a basis for using our self-learning platform. English learning software in particular is often in demand when basic knowledge of the language is already available but needs to be deepened. Of course, other languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Dutch can also be learnt intensively via the e-learning platform.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • learn languages online
  • independent of fixed deadlines or courses
  • individual learning tempo
  • flexible choice of relevant content
  • available as app and on desktop versions
  • can be combined with other courses

Combinable courses with KERN Lingo™

Blended Learning combines the advantages of E-Learning with face-to-face training and facilitates both independent learning and participation in guided courses. The platform for independent language learning is essential to this and is used to monitor learning success. But the learning software can also be use in addition to the the traditional presence training or with intensive courses with one of our motivated language coaches. Whether theme specific or in general, alone or with colleagues: Application of the self learning software is versatile and flexible.

KERN LingoVision™

KERN LingoVision™ is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language flexibly through self-study with KERN Lingo™ and, if necessary, have access to professional support from qualified trainers.

The KERN Lingo™ self-study platform offers a wide range of vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises and listening comprehension exercises that can be completed easily and conveniently. Thanks to the adaptive learning system, the content is customised to your abilities and learning level.

With KERN LingoVision™, you also have the option of booking a personal teacher as required in addition to self-study with the KERN Lingo™ e-learning platform. You can easily earn credits for this, which you can use for interactive teaching units with personal trainers. This is particularly helpful if you are unsure about certain content and would like professional support or feedback from our trainers. The trainers at KERN AG Training are there to support you at all times. They will help you with specific questions and give you valuable tips and suggestions on how to achieve your language goal safely and effectively. They focus entirely on your priorities and needs.

With KERN LingoVision™, you can work on your language skills at any time and from any location and be sure that you will always receive professional support whenever you need it - selective, precise and targeted! This increases the efficiency of self-study and allows you to achieve your goals quickly and confidently.

Flexible learning with the self-learning platform

E-learning does not just offer you the advantages of being able to decide where and when you can set aside time for language exercises. but also the scope, degree of difficulty and choice of languages can be varied. Do you find business texts difficult to read? Then focus specifically on this topic and improve step by step! Our qualified language trainers are happy to support you with this and recommend appropriate content and pass on helpful tips!

Software for specialists and corporate clients

Our E-Learning platform KERN Lingo is especially advantageous for companies and their employees The demand for linguistical knowledge is growing on both the private and commercial level. Here, more and more people are needing language qualifications to contact foreign business partners. Within the framework of the platform, language skills on current business topics, specialist fields such as the energy sector and banking, as well as general topics, can be expanded and individually defined so that you can optimally apply your knowledge in your profession.

Learn on the go with the KERN Lingo™ App

Would you not only like to work on your language skills on your laptop via the self-study platform, but also to learn flexibly on the move via smartphone? With the KERN Lingo™ App you also have access to exercises through your smartphone. This way you can lean your target language at any time, no matter where you are – whether it’s Englisch, French, Spanish, German or Italien.

  • Content for specialised workers and management in various industries and areas.
  • International business related content defined to individual needs and training focuses.
  • Professional business and skills workshops Business skills, news, business vocabulary, interactive dialogues
  • EuroNews/CNN videos
  • Short video clips, texts, written exercises, hearing comprehension and pronunciation
  • Mobile learning: Short training units, anywhere, everywhere

Die von KERN zur Verfügung gestellte E-Learning-Plattform macht es dabei einfach, die Lerninhalte und Fortschritte zu verfolgen. Eine Lernplattform wird häufig auch als LMS bezeichnet, was für Learning Management System steht. Damit solch ein System für E-Learning-Sprachkurse auch wirklich Hand und Fuß hat, benötigt es einen erfahrenen Anbieter. Wir von KERN sind hier genau der richtige Ansprechpartner und versorgen Sie über unsere Lernplattform KERN Lingo™ mit den nötigen Materialien und Online-Kursen!

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