• Course material

    Development of training and learning concepts

    We develop well-suited learning ideas and make the appropriate learning materials available to you.

Development of training and learning concepts

Based on a customised needs analysis, we develop individual learning concepts that are optimally geared to the needs and application areas of the participants. Through suitable learning media and proper training records, we shape the content of the training to be more relevant to career situations thus ensuring a successful transfer of skills into everyday working life.

Our qualification provision is based on a 7-step model, whose quality is continually optimised:

  • determination of requirements,
  • target group analysis,
  • defining of (learning) targets,
  • development of concepts,
  • development of learning media and documents,
  • testing of concepts and
  • implementation and success monitoring.

For the protection of the learning process both the configuration of the learning environment as well as the involvement of the working environment in the implementation of what has been learned are considered. The quality of the training is ensured through meaningful evaluation standards.

This is done by means of regular feedback questionnaires and participant reports and by evaluating the achievement of targets.

A wide-ranging offering of services

We offer you a wide spectrum of topics in the areas of communication and methodical competence and will adjust the scope and requirements of the modules to your wishes so that your employees receive training that suits their individual needs and fields of activity.

Choices include amongst other things:

  • Different teaching formats: in-house, one-on-one or group sessions
  • diverse themes to do with everyday business
  • (Subject-specific) language courses for every language level
  • Intercultural training
  • Workshops
  • E-learning media such as the online self-teaching platform KERN Lingo™ and KERN SkillsAcademy™
  • A standard approach or individually developed training plans for your company
  • Individually suited language learning apps with company-specific vocabulary and branding

Personalised and digital course material

Be it for language tutoring, resilience training or training for working virtually in a team - we offer application-specific and personalised learning materials for your training which are available digitally.

These include among other things:

  • Application-specific topics
  • Phrase banks with useful expressions for reference and to revise vocabulary
  • Clearly marked units - whether topic- or skill-oriented
  • Digital course material
  • Micro learning module
  • Learn Nuggets: convenient access on the move through apps

Depending on requirements, there is the option of developing customised materials.

Branch-specific language courses

Every branch has its own specialist vocabulary and technical terms. Targeted industry-specific learning is more and more in demand, which goes beyond merely learning special vocabulary. It’s about the typical way to form sentences, how to reason and the structuring of thoughts. Lawyers speak in a different way compared to doctors, and pilots differently compared to scientists. These particularities in language continue right up to the language of individual companies. Corporate identity is always expressed through language as well.

One of the strengths of KERN Training is not only to create individual curricula for foreign language learning in companies, but also to develop learning material based on customer requirements. This ensures that the required specialist learning material is available to reach their learning goal, especially if a very specific industry is involved. In this case, customer learning material will be prepared by pedagogical experts and adapted precisely to their language learning goal so that anyone can gain the linguistic skills they need for their job and their company wants them to obtain. The clear and practical learning folders are adapted to the training programme in terms of scope and content.

KERN LearnApp

Also included as part of your digital course material is the interactive KERN LearnApp. This is available in both English and German. You can comfortably develop your language knowledge at all times!

Additional online learning help

As a supplement to the learning folders, glossaries or terminology databases as well as additional technical language exercises can also be provided in an individual customer area of our website to directly support classroom training.

Corporate wording: Use of company-specific terminology

We offer you the opportunity to incorporate your company's corporate wording into you language training – ensuring your employees are able to use your in-house terminology consistently and confidently in foreign languages, too. We can work with you to define this corporate wording and integrate it both as part of our KERN ClientApp™ solution or provide it to our trainers as a terminology database. Company-specific and industry-specific terms are clearly integrated in close collaboration with the organisation, and incorporated into the training along with the course materials and other authentic materials.

Our qualified trainers adapt the course content to the subject-specific terminology, including in verbal exercises, and encourage your employees to use it with confidence.