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Intercultural sensitivity

Intercultural sensitivity by definition means: developing an understanding for the significant influence that the respective predominant culture has on values, behaviour and views of people from a particular cultural group. For this, mutual understanding and intercultural sensitivity are of utmost value and possibly make the key difference. Sensitivity to different cultures and their thinking and behaviour means, for example, the ability to interpret and understand other – even non-verbal – ways of behaviour with certainty and to gain competence and confidence in daily interactions with intercultural business partners and employees. 

Intercultural competence as the basis for successful business operations

Intercultural differences pose a constant challenge to companies and their employees in other countries or in international cooperation. Intercultural sensitivity to different cultures and people, as well as the respective context in which an encounter takes place, sometimes requires the highest possible degree of intercultural competence. For this reason, intercultural training is becoming increasingly relevant in times of globalisation. Thus, for successful cooperation and communication with members of different cultures, the acceptance of cultural influences as well as the corresponding intercultural know-how are considered fundamental and crucial. 

Personal contact with people of different cultural backgrounds requires empathy, along with broader working styles and approaches. There are no “standard solutions” for a successful cooperation with international business partners; rather, the different approaches of one’s partner must be interpreted and understood correctly. With this understanding, international business relationships can develop quickly and efficiently. With this valuable intercultural knowledge, misunderstandings can be avoided. With the skills acquired in the training, you will become sensitive towards other cultures and will be able to easily master challenging situations. Intercultural training thus lays the foundation for every success in countries with a different culture – both in business and interpersonal terms. 

Intercultural soft skills, information and sound cultural knowledge, not only about one’s own culture and that of one’s respective partner, but above all in an intercultural context, are decisive factors in international cooperation. The knowledge of the respective cultural character of one’s partner – be it a manager, a professional, but also people in a non-professional environment – is of fundamental importance. Competent intercultural communication from person to person requires the appropriate skills, experience and targeted training. The seminar on intercultural sensitivity from KERN AG Training and additional offers are perfectly tailored to this goal. 

The training on sensitivity to intercultural differences is ideally suited for people who work in an international environment and have intensive contact with international customers and colleagues in their day-to-day work. Employees and teams who are to be sent abroad for a longer period of time will also get valuable insights and skills in this seminar to help them with their work in the new country. 

In the seminar on intercultural sensitivity from KERN AG Training, participants are taught everything they need to know about intercultural sensitivity and acquire valuable intercultural skills. Experienced and competent trainers with proven cultural expertise and many years of experience in intercultural knowledge transfer guide participants through numerous intercultural situations and impart important knowledge and personal competence in a practical way. The goal of the intercultural sensitivity training from KERN AG Training is to strengthen awareness of crucial differences between cultures and to teach the ability to act competently and appropriately in every intercultural situation.

Intercultural sensitivity – training objectives:

  • Higher productivity through effective international communication and intercultural competence
  • Improved and long-lasting cooperation with international business partners
  • Recognising tension in contact with other cultures and developing new potential
  • Successfully overcoming cultural challenges
  • Intercultural sensitivity as the basis for economic success in a foreign culture

Further training content:

Successful interaction and communication with international employees, customers and business partners requires much more than a focus on content and facts. For intercultural sensitivity, the ability to confidently deal with cultural differences and to understand and interpret the background to the behaviour is considered essential. Different modes of communication and behaviour as well as different forms of interaction and action are just a few of the many topics covered in the seminar. Using real management case studies and simulations, participants learn how to interpret situations correctly, promote cooperation and quickly develop solutions. They learn how to tap and consciously deploy their own strengths and development potential. The trainers and the intercultural competence training from KERN AG Training teach all this and much more.

  • Awareness of intercultural differences in ways of working and behaving
  • Gaining cultural awareness and empathy for different ways of working and behaving
  • Successful intercultural communication
  • Development of new possibilities for action in different professional contexts
  • Use of adequate and goal-oriented intercultural solutions
  • Learning how to deal competently and confidently with relevant cultural differences and to reflect on one’s own alternatives for action
  • Recognising intercultural misunderstandings and potential conflicts in the team and beyond

Get started with your intercultural success now!

The experienced intercultural trainers from KERN AG Training teach you and your employees everything you need to know about intercultural sensitivity. With this seminar, you successfully lay the foundation for your business success in a foreign culture. Intercultural competence and sensitivity to intercultural challenges are among the greatest success factors for international business. With our intercultural training, you can use this potential successfully and in a targeted manner. 

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