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    Spanish language course

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Learn Spanish with KERN language courses

Spanish is not just firmly established as the second world language in the USA: Germany is now seeing a similar trend. Along with French, Spanish is also proving increasingly popular with school students, and is now one of the most commonly spoken foreign languages.

Spanish is establishing itself as the language of business

After English, Spanish is the most commonly spoken language globally and so is playing an increasingly important role. It is no longer learned just to communicate on holiday in Spain, it is now also spoken worldwide within many organisations and institutions. International business people are thus at a great advantage if they speak Spanish – it is far easier to foster business relations with Spanish-speaking contacts. People have been using their Spanish skills for more than personal reasons for some time – it also opens up new channels of communication at a professional level.

Perfectly prepared with a Spanish language course

Would you like to broaden or refresh your Spanish skills, or learn the language from scratch? Do you want to prepare for a business trip abroad or your next holiday?

Whatever your motivation for learning Spanish – KERN AG Training prepares you perfectly for your plans, and offers a variety of options to expand or improve your Spanish skills.

Learn Spanish on a one-to-one or group course

Do you prefer to learn alone or in a group? We teach in small groups of maximum six people. Benefit from the interactive nature of a small group and achieve your personal language goals under the guidance of qualified trainers from KERN AG Training – it's our guarantee of optimal learning outcomes for you.

One-to-one training – individual learning tailored to your personal needs

Alternatively, you can also book one-to-one training if necessary. You have the advantage that the Spanish trainer is there for you exclusively and can respond individually to your needs. One-to-one training allows you to focus on practising pronunciation in particular. You achieve quick success and will soon be able to communicate in Spanish. The emphasis is on individual communication between you and the trainer. You determine the topics you want to focus on as well as the specialist areas. The training is supplemented with individual role plays as well as vocabulary and grammar exercises.

Intensive student courses for the holidays

In addition to one-to-one and group training, we also offer holiday courses for students. Our qualified language trainers prepare students optimally for upcoming classroom work and Spanish lessons at school. Students from every school grade learn all the important aspects of the language, from grammar to literary interpretation. With personal involvement and age-appropriate concepts along with exciting topics, our specially trained native speakers cater to the needs of their young students.

Additional training formats: KERN Virtual online course

Always busy and short of time? Then we recommend the KERN Virtual™ online course: it lets you learn flexibly from the comfort of your own home or from your office – your personal language teacher at your disposal.

Are you interested in one of our programmes? Please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!