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Learn French with KERN language courses

The Romance language French is spoken in more than 50 countries, and is very often learned as a foreign language worldwide. With courses by KERN AG Training, which are designed around the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages, you are guaranteed to achieve your personal learning goal in French. We offer a range of options for you to refresh or build on your skills.

Group training: learn French together

Do you prefer to learn alone or in a group? We teach in small groups with maximum six people. Benefit from the interactive character of a small group and achieve your personal language goals under the guidance of qualified trainers from KERN AG Training – it's our guarantee of optimal learning outcomes for you.

Following assessment of your language skills, your course supervisor will make a suitable recommendation.

One-to-one French training – individual learning tailored to your personal needs

Alternatively, you can also book one-to-one training if necessary. Here you have the advantage that the trainer is there for you exclusively and can respond individually to your needs. One-to-one training allows you to focus on practising pronunciation in particular. You achieve quick success and will soon be able to communicate in French. The emphasis is on individual communication between you and the trainer. You determine the topics you want to focus on as well as the specialist areas. The training is supplemented with individual role plays as well as vocabulary and grammar exercises.

During a personal consultation, we carefully analyse your needs and put together an individual learning programme tailored to you: you determine the schedule, the pace of learning and the content.

In-house training at your company premises

Would you prefer to learn French at your company premises? We are happy to offer you in-house training – the trainers come to your offices and tailor the course content precisely to fit your organisation.

KERN Virtual™: learn online at your convenience

Are you out and about a lot? The KERN Virtual™ online course is perfect for you if you want to remain flexible yet still benefit from a regular language course. With the online language course, you learn French at your convenience either at home or when you're out and about. It thus saves you time, and you have a direct connection with your personal trainer via videochat.

Get your French skills certified!

Do you need a certificate as proof of your French skills? KERN AG Training is the official examination centre for the telc certificate. We offer this certificate in 11 languages and at six levels, including French, which you can study with KERN AG Training. We are happy to prepare you for the examination so that you achieve the level you want – with certification. You can of course simply sit the examination here to obtain the certificate. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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Not sure if you prefer one-to-one or group training? Get in touch! We're happy to discuss a suitable programme that meets your requirements.

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