Intensive training – a faster way to progress in your learning in the shortest amount of time

More than 90% of foreign language students tell us that their main goal is to be able to express themselves spontaneously. Does the problem of "translating in your head" slow you down when expressing yourself verbally and hamper your use of the language? Reach your language learning goals swiftly with intensive courses from KERN AG Training, and be ready for your next foreign language business meeting. Intensive training offers you greater spontaneity in your use of the language and takes you a step closer to expressing yourself more personally in a foreign language. Various course units will teach you how to express yourself freely and "without inhibition" in the language of your choice. The team of trainers will support you in developing your language skills and ensure you feel motivated to learn! You will enjoy the trainer's full attention and be taught in a way tailored to your individual needs and the pace at which you learn.

To secure one of these sought-after places constituting an important piece of the puzzle in your linguistic development, register here through our contact formor by telephone for free at 0800 5376 5376 or send an email to!