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    Face-to-face training

    Take part in courses, seminars or workshops at one of our language schools and enjoy the many benefits of local training on site!


Face-to-face training

In addition to our e-learning products, you can also complete courses, seminar or training at one of our language schools all over Germany. From language courses and business seminars to intercultural training: your success is assured thanks to our motivated team and trainers! Face-to-face training means being physically present, remaining attentive and alert in a situation or in dialogue with other people. And that's the advantage of all our courses to maximise the benefits of real interaction.

Do you want to exploit the benefits of direct exchange with an expert trainer as you learn? Then our face-to-face training is perfect for you! Your trainer can answer your questions directly or deal with concrete problems more intensively. It allows you to respond to the course content personally, and even critically challenge things from time to time.


We provide the following forms of face-to-face training:

  • One-to-one teaching
  • Group teaching
  • Mini groups
  • Workshops
  • Conversation training
  • Language Coaching & Shadowing
  • In-house training

Face-to-face training: contact & advice

Have you questions about the background to our face-to-face training courses? Would you like to book a course or attend a seminar? We'd be delighted to advise you! Simply use the contact form below and tell us what you'd like to know! We'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

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The benefits of face-to-face training

In comparison to online courses, face-to-face training offers the unrivalled opportunity to gain immediate and detailed answers and help to your questions and problems You are accompanied throughout your course, and can communicate with other course participants and take part in valuable discussions. Many participants also find it easier to communicate with familiar and trusted faces, in which case we strongly recommend our face-to-face training!


Face-to-face training at one of our locations or in-house

Whether a language course or business seminar: If you wish to attend one of our face-to-face training courses, you're sure to find a location not too far away from your organisation. With over 50 branches, KERN AG is well-positioned to serve language enthusiasts and keen students who want to complete one or more of our courses in a dynamic learning environment. Alternatively, our face-to-face courses are also available as in-house training, with our language experts delivering training directly at your corporate premises and providing intensive support.

One-to-one tuition or in groups

Do you want your employees to learn together? Do you generally like being among other people, and enjoy using the language in discussions? We offer language tuition in small groups of up to eight participants. To maximise your learning success and actively address individual weaknesses, you can also book one-to-one tuition. Our experts will start at precisely your level of language and concentrate explicitly on your progress.

Conversation training in the foreign language

Have you have diligently learned your vocabulary and got a firm grip on the grammar, but still find it hard to use the language in practice? Combine your language course with conversations and learn to respond confidently on the telephone, in meetings or when engaged in simple small talk. Together, we reduce your inhibitions about speaking, while you practise your pronunciation by replicating typical situations.

Many opportunities with face-to-face training

Face-to-face training is all about being physically present during a course, coaching or seminar. The benefits of active interaction are maximised in a targeted way and guided by our language coaches. Our face-to-face training is also designed as the perfect preparation for forthcoming meetings, presentations or similar situations. A further advantage for corporate training is the direct use of your specific context and terminology, which can be applied directly at the participant´s work place. Using practical exercises, with situations, which you encounter on a daily basis, face-to-face training always presents the opportunity to develop language skills effectively. This is of course also true of all our language courses: you benefit from your team colleagues' feedback or develop your skills through interactive d exchange. Our qualified language trainers also help you to complete exercises, relevant for your daily work situations, give feedback and are always ready to listen to your issues. Face-to-face training can also be a lot of fun for you and the other participants! Many people find learning much easier in a pleasant learning atmosphere in a familiar circle among work colleagues.

To tailor our courses as well as possible to your needs, we plan your training with you right from the beginning. Optimal face-to-face training is important to us and we'd love to help you learn new languages or acquire exceptional communication skills.

Face-to-face training from KERN offers you:

Certified trainers

Face-to-face training professionals: Our seminars are led by certified communication trainers with expertise and cross-sector know-how.

Fast learning success

Teaching in a way you'll understand: We equip you with strategies and tips that you can start using and assimilating immediately.

Practical application

No general theory: Our training is based on real-life situations and we're happy to include your concrete examples so we can fully tailor our support to your own situation!

Have fun

Chat, interact, laugh: Creative togetherness promises a great atmosphere that will quickly boost your self-confidence!

Face-to-face training close to you:

KERN AG delivers face-to-face language courses in many different locations throughout Germany.
We are also happy to offer training in-house at your premises. Find out more now or ask for our free advice!

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