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    Language programmes abroad

    We can offer you trips to more than 100 countries worldwide to help you develop your language skills.

You learn languages better in the places where they are spoken!

Together with our partners, we offer you language programmes abroad in over 100 locations worldwide. These programmes are designed for adults or students and are an invitation to learn and take a holiday at the same time. Spread your wings with the attraction of an international audience and a wide range of language courses!

Unlike a language course in your native environment, language programmes abroad combine learning a language with learning about the country's culture and mentality. Instead of language training in the classroom, you will practise the foreign language live in everyday situations.

Learn languages, meet people

On a language programme abroad, in the midst of a foreign cultural circle, you will find it far easier and quicker to learn a language than in a language course at home. Motivated by the new surroundings and the constant contact with the language in everyday life – on the streets, in shops, in restaurants, etc. - improving your skills will be child's play. It turns learning into an experience, and chatting with your fellow language learners abroad will only add to the fun!

You can design your course abroad according entirely to your specific needs and wishes, from the wide range of course structures and contents on offer.

  • Standard and intensive courses
  • Career-specific courses
  • Group courses and one-to-one training
  • Courses for children and young people
  • Internships abroad
  • Educational holidays
  • …and many more

English language programmes abroad

Does your school English help you to understand the language, but you still want to be able to speak it fluently? A language course in an English-speaking country, and daily contact with native speakers, will facilitate just that: our partners' programmes abroad are your invitation to learn not just how to read English, but how to speak it as well. Together with our partners, KERN AG Training offers you English language programmes in Great Britain, the USA, Australia and New Zealand as well as other English-speaking regions worldwide.

Spanish language programmes abroad

Spanish is one of the top five most spoken languages in the world. Many German speakers already know Spain from spending their holidays there. But a new country opens up to anyone who speaks the language like a native. Our programmes immerse you in Hispanic life. You will hear, speak, write and read in no other language than Spanish. Latin America is also attracting more and more tourists. The more you speak the language, the better you will understand the hospitality and openness of the Latino culture.

French language programmes abroad

Experience a French-speaking country and learn one of the world's most commonly spoken languages quickly and effectively at the same time - a language programme in France or Canada guarantees that you will make great progress, be motivated to learn, and have lots of fun at the same time. You will be immersed in the everyday life, get to know the culture and the people, and learning French will come easily. You will be accompanied on your trip by the French "savoir-vivre" which will ensure your language programme abroad is an unforgettable experience.

Italian language programmes abroad

Do you love antipasti, pizza, pasta and Italian wines? Do you want to escape from your normal life for a while, experience a different region and improve your Italian at the same time? We make taking some time out easy by organising your Italian language programme for you. In addition to experiencing the language, you will gain a deep insight into the country, its people and its culture.

Russian language programmes abroad

Are you interested in Russian history? Do you want to find out how the country has developed in recent years? Are you attracted by the mystical imaginings that Russia has always evoked? Now you can gain a deep insight into the Russian way of life, and learn Russian at the same time. We can offer you Russian language programmes that are suited to you.

Portuguese language programmes abroad

Experience life in Portugal up close with a Portuguese language programme abroad. Fully absorb and understand "saudade" - the Portuguese sense of melancholy; the longing for the past, for something or someone loved, the underlying pain. Or learn Portuguese with a touch of samba by way of Capoeira, and experience the world's biggest street carnival.

Chinese language programmes abroad

Chinese is one of the oldest and most spoken languages in the world. Would you like to get to know this land steeped in history, and its people in person? Have you always dreamed of gaining insight into Chinese proverbs and their history? Or perhaps you are interested in China because of its rapidly developing role in the future economy? Then why not learn Chinese with our language programmes abroad!