• English for Sales

    English for Sales

    Various modules teach participants the terminology, phrases and idiomatic expressions in sales, as well as the basic skills.

English for Sales

For Sales Managers, good English skills are essential to their professional lives. This knowledge must be continuously developed to ensure that the sales department is continuously successful.

Content of the specialist training course

The participants initially learn the fundamentals of sales and the basic skills they need to communicate effectively, introduce themselves and their company or spontaneously express the reason for their visit in English.

This seminar also covers how to establish new contacts via customer analysis, e-mail or at trade fairs. In light of this, your employees learn how to speak/act confidently and therefore leave a lasting impression on whoever they are addressing. They will address topics such as how to organise information or present on various possible outcomes – with a focus on their linguistic abilities.

Establishing customer relationships, recognising customer relationships, formulating feedback and criticism as well as creating customer-orientated presentations are all part of the course. Participants also learn how to correctly structure business proposals, as well as contractual phrasing and standard wording for written quotes. 

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English for works councils

In this course, you will learn how to use the English terminology and expressions common to works councils. Real-life examples will give you the confidence you need to communicate with colleagues and customers in the areas of planning, negotiations and meeting situations. You will also learn the skills you need to meet the demands of written communication.

Goals of English training for works councils

  •  Formulate clearly 
  • Actively use 'works council' vocabulary and expressions
  • Professional exchange
  • Solutions-oriented communication – including on the phone

Focus points

  • Developing works council-related terminology and vocabulary
  • Golden rules of business correspondence via e-mail
  • Understanding problems and solving them correctly
  • Having a command of common expressions and phrases
  • Learning questioning techniques
  • Ability to discuss complex issues

The various modules deal primarily with the terminology that is relevant to the content as well as concepts that focus on business language skills. The topics range from European laws and standards up to dismissal protection right up to data protection. Participants also learn language skills such as verbal and non-verbal communication, self-presentation or small talk.

These provide just an overview of the possible course content. The precise course content will be aligned to participants' individual requirements on the basis of a needs analysis.

You are active in the works council and would like to participate in this training, so that you can negotiate in English confidently and represent your opinion? Then this course is perfect for you! Contact us if you have any questions.

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