• English for Sales

    English for Sales

    Various modules teach participants the terminology, phrases and idiomatic expressions in sales, as well as the basic skills.

English for Sales

For Sales Managers, good English skills are essential to their professional lives. This knowledge must be continuously developed to ensure that the sales department is continuously successful.

Content of the specialist training course

The participants initially learn the fundamentals of sales and the basic skills they need to communicate effectively, introduce themselves and their company or spontaneously express the reason for their visit in English.

This seminar also covers how to establish new contacts via customer analysis, e-mail or at trade fairs. In light of this, your employees learn how to speak/act confidently and therefore leave a lasting impression on whoever they are addressing. They will address topics such as how to organise information or present on various possible outcomes – with a focus on their linguistic abilities.

Establishing customer relationships, recognising customer relationships, formulating feedback and criticism as well as creating customer-orientated presentations are all part of the course. Participants also learn how to correctly structure business proposals, as well as contractual phrasing and standard wording for written quotes. 

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