English on the phone – personal language training over the telephone

Do you want to use your voice to convince, and communicate with confidence? Then English on the phone training is perfect for you! This course will allow you to improve your language abilities quickly and effectively. Animated language training with a highly qualified telephone coach leads to linguistic success.

Participants learn how to talk on the phone, improve their speed and fluency of speech, and quickly develop their understanding of English phone calls. They learn to express themselves confidently using English vocabulary and expressions. Real-life examples give students the confidence they need to communicate with colleagues over the telephone and actively provide the necessary support.


  • Speak English confidently in phone calls
  • Handle telephone calls purposefully
  • Lead conversations with confidence
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently on the telephone
  • The use of key expressions and phrases
  • Learn questioning techniques
  • Ability to discuss complex issues

Overview of the training content:

  • Polite phrases and their meaning for successful telephone calls
  • Expressions to use on the phone
  • Voice and its effect
  • Arranging appointments
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Directing conversations
  • Questioning techniques
  • Giving information about complex issues
  • Basic revision of grammar and vocabulary
  • Real-life case studies based on everyday situations
  • Role plays over the telephone