Welcome to the KERN Language School in Muenster

Muenster is situated in the northern part of the North Rhine-Westphalia region. Muenster’s old town is a particular eye-catcher and is regarded as the perfect town for cyclists. In addition, many universities are located in the town, which means that about 48,000 students can be found in the town. If you stroll through the town, you will certainly not want to miss walking along the Prinzipalmarkt, the historic shopping street in Münster. Above all, it is the education and administrative institutions that dominate Muenster’s cityscape. In most cases, it is small and medium-sized businesses, which are based in Muenster.

KERN AG Training

Salzstrasse 43/44
48143 Münster

Phone: (02 51) 490 93 34-0
Fax: (02 51) 490 93 34-9


By public transport:

Take bus line 1 (in the direction of Roxel) or 14 (in the direction of the Zoo) from the main railway station to the Prinzipalmarkt station. From there, follow Salzstraße. In about 300 metres, you will find the KERN office on the right-hand side.

By car:

From the B64 bypass, continue straight on the B51 bypass. Follow the road for 2.5 km (about 1.5 miles). Stay on the bypass and follow the road for about 6 km (just over 3.5 miles). Exit the B51 bypass and continue straight along Warendorfer Straße for around 3.5 km (just over 2 miles). Exit Warendorfer Straße and turn left onto Eisenbahnstraße, following it for around 200 metres. You will then arrive at Servatiiplatz. You can park there there or on Eisenbahnstraße.

The KERN office is located in a pedestrian zone. Cross Servatiiplatz, heading towards the city centre, and follow Salzstraße. The KERN branch is on the left-hand side in about 200 metres.