Welcome to the KERN Language School in Friedrichshafen

With a wide range of language courses and workshops, KERN fits the educational offerings of the city well. On site or in one of the many small, medium and international operating companies of this economically strong region; the language centre in Friedrichshafen, through its specially structured business language training, prepares specialists and executives for the diverse range of foreign language tasks at work.

Students prepare themselves in language classes for internationally recognised language certificates, such as the TOEFL-Test or learn how to apply in a foreign language. Anyone who would like to remotely learn a language can utilise the internet or a virtual learning environment to complete a language course. 

KERN AG Training

Wilhelmstrasse 17
88045 Friedrichshafen

Telephone: (0 75 41) 95 48 01-0
Fax: (0 75 41) 95 48 01-9


Study languages at Lake Constance

Make good use of your vacation at Lake Constance by learning new languages at the KERN Training language school in Friedrichshafen! The “Swabian Sea” offers ideal opportunities to go swimming, sailing, boating or to do any other kind of watersports. Meanwhile you can improve on your English, French, Spanish, Italian, or German for a week or two in one of our intensive courses. Since we, at KERN AG Training, are an officially recognized educational institution, you have the chance to assert a claim for educational leave: The language school at Lake Constance offers special Business English seminars for those on educational leave.