KERN AG Training Language School in Dortmund

Maximum learning success at the Language School in Dortmund

By means of a placement test, we determine your language level before the start of the course so that we can offer you a language course which is custom fit to your skills. The placement test is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is subdivided into levels ranging from A1 (basic level) to C1 (Advanced language proficiency). At KERN, you determine how you would like to learn: Whether in individual training or together in a (small) group - at KERN you can rely on a fast learning success - irrespective of the training type. Our native-speaking trainers are at your side as experienced experts.

In addition to numerous of language training, our range of services also includes intercultural training and Business and Communication Training! Should you have any questions, the team in Dortmund is of course happy to help.

KERN AG Training

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