Cambridge English Certificate: the proof of your English skills!

Do you need to prove your English skills for your job or to be accepted to higher education? Then the Cambridge English Certificate is perfect for you. Some four million people each year take the certificate, which is recognised internationally by organisations and educational institutions. It can be used as proof of your general, job-related or academic English skills.

The examination tests the four skills of writing, reading, listening and speaking. These skills are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF), which means that the examination results can be compared internationally.

Preparing for your Cambridge Certificate

Do you want to prepare for your examination to obtain the best possible result? Our Exam preparation courses are the perfect preparation for your language certificate. These courses ensure you are familiar with the structure, content and format of the examination. We also teach you strategies to pass the examination successfully! Take the opportunity and register for your Exam preparation course now.

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