• English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

    English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

    For anyone who works in the pharmaceutical industry and who would like to sell their products and services with confidence

English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Anyone who works in the pharmaceutical industry and who would like to sell their products and services with confidence, advise their customers comprehensively, persuade others, and explain complex medication descriptions will acquire the language skills they require in this seminar.

The course content is based on the materials provided by the organisation. Using these documents,  terminology and phrases specific to the division, sector and organisation are taught for all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises.

Overview of topic areas:

■ The pharmaceutical industry

■ Active ingredient research and drug development

■ Testing processes in the pharmaceutical industry

■ Quality assurance and audits

■ Drug safety and regulations

■ Products and packaging

■ Medicinal and other products sold in pharmacies

A particular focus in this seminar can be, for example, on working in a specific area of the pharmaceutical industry or in pharmacies, and thus it is geared especially towards the appropriate customer communication: every subject is addressed in detail and special attention is paid to preparing reports and presenting test results. Further topics include offering consultancy, giving recommendations and the effectively dealing with questions. Participants also practise how to present the benefits and side effects of drugs in English and covers weighing up of pros and cons.

These topics are just some examples of the course content. We'd be happy to put together a proposal for you tailored to your individual needs.

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