Design Thinking

Design Thinking teaches you how you can develop concrete ideas for innovations in a co-creative team process with colleagues from different or the same divisions and specialist disciplines. Design Thinking offers you new stimuli and solution approaches for your project. The Design Thinking training is for specialist and executive personnel who want to improve their skills in dealing with new solution approaches. 

Overview of training content:

The Design Thinking training includes the basic elements of Design Thinking along with the six phases of the Design Thinking process and its implementation in the corporate culture.

  • The Design Thinking process steps
    • Define and investigate the problem area
    • Understand users
    • Create empathy – the empathy map
    • Research the demands: Lead and evaluate interviews
    • Establish customer needs and insights
    • Synthesis
  • Development of innovative solutions using different application areas
    • Different brainstorming and creativity techniques
    • Evaluate and select ideas
  • Create and lead your own Design Thinking workshop
  • Stimulate creativity through joy and passion
  • Integrate the elements of Design Thinking into your daily working life
  • Prototyping
    • Types of prototype
    • Create prototypes
    • Test and refine prototypes

The precise training content can be adapted to your individual needs and requirements. Are you interested in a Design Thinking training course? Simply get in touch with us! We're happy to help.