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Conflict resolution seminar in groups

Conflicts in teams and departments or between managers and employees take away valuable productivity, consume time and financial resources, and thus often block important decisions in management. Of course, all this also has a generally negative impact on cooperation at work. At the same time, conflicts are often the driving force for change, as they expose critical points within the organisation. Knowledge of the psychology of conflicts as well as professional conflict resolution in practice is thus an important asset in the daily management of teams and companies. However, constructive handling of conflicts and professional conflict resolution are far from being the norm in many companies. Many internal conflicts can often be turned into opportunities through social competence, professional communication and constructive conflict resolution and used as a chance for improvement. This is what you will learn in the further education seminar on conflict resolution at KERN AG Training. 

What is the focus of the conflict resolution seminar?

The content and coaching of the seminar Conflict Management focus on the opportunities of internal company conflicts. During the seminar you will learn to understand your individual conflict behaviour and profile and how to analyse conflicts with other members of a team. All with the end goal of successfully resolving conflicts. Here, social competence is an important basis for effective conflict resolution. Building on this, you will develop constructive intervention strategies and conflict management methods for yourself in the course to recognise and overcome tensions at work at early stage.

What is the aim of the conflict management course?

The aim of the course is to professionalise conflict management within the company by way of effective further training. Effective techniques from the course and direct feedback from the trainers will help you to always deal with even difficult persons in a non-aggressive and constructive manner. You will also learn to guide parties with opposing views and in seemingly deadlocked situations to conflict resolution together. The purpose of the seminar is thus to successfully lay the foundation for an open dialogue and conflict culture in your company - as a basis for the overall goals: efficient conflict management and ultimately effective conflict resolution. 

Training content of the seminar Conflict Resolution in Groups:

In the seminar, participants will learn theoretically and practically, and through comprehensive coaching, how to manage their conduct in conflict situations in an effective and targeted manner. Experienced trainers on the subject of conflict management work with you in the course to develop successful dialogue strategies for conducting discussions and possible solutions for different conflict scenarios. In the course of the seminar, participants will develop professional as well as personal competence and strategies for successfully dealing with conflict situations. In the process, they complete an important and individual personal development and thus create a win-win situation for companies, managers and employees. In addition to theory, the seminar also focuses on practical implementation and solving difficult situations, thus achieving greater efficiency and productivity. In this way, the participants of the seminar make an important contribution towards future successful conflict management in the company. 

Additional content of the conflict management seminar

At the beginning, the content of the seminar includes recognising and classifying potential conflicts. In a conflict analysis, various conflict situations and their starting point are assessed and reviewed together. The training can also cover the emergence and dynamics of conflicts. The seminar also addresses the question of what factors cause conflicts to arise and what helps to resolve them. You are often familiar with such examples in a similar form from your own experience. The course gives participants proven methods to help them take constructive leadership and to intervene in and de-escalate conflict situations. An open approach towards each other and an effective strategy for conflict resolution are essential. Open communication and constructive dialogue are thus the first steps towards a solution. 

Conflict resolution: seminar focus and topics at a glance:

  • Perceiving yourself and others: your individual style of communication
  • Dynamics of conflict and escalation
  • Personal communication patterns and perceptual filters in conflict management
  • The nine stages of escalating conflicts and how managers can counter them
  • Positive and negative cycles of conflict
  • Ways to minimise conflict potential in communication: Practical elements from Rosenberg's "Nonviolent communication"
  • Specific case management: Methods for resolving conflicts in a targeted manner
  • Effective approaches for solving conflicts

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