Conflict resolution in groups

Conflicts in teams and departments or between managers and employees take away valuable productivity, consume time and financial resources, block important decisions and jeopardise collaboration. At the same time, conflicts are often the driving force for change, as they expose critical situations within the organisation.

In this training, you will therefore also focus on the opportunities created by corporate internal conflicts. You will learn to understand your individual conflict profile and how to analyse conflicts with others. Based on this you will develop strategies of intervention, enabling you to identify an defuse tensions early or to permanently resolve an escalated argument.

Effective techniques will help you to deal with difficult interlocutors constructively and without aggression. This way, you can guide opposing parties to solve their conflict. Thus, you are laying the foundation for an open dialogue and conflict culture at your company.

Target group

The training is aimed at specialist and management personnel who require input for dealing with situations of conflict. In this seminar, participants learn to control their behaviour in situations of conflict effectively and in a targeted way to achieve greater efficiency and productivity even in difficult situations.

Training content

  • Perceiving yourself and others: your individual style of communication
  • Dynamics of conflict and escalation
  • Personal communication patterns and perceptual filters
  • The nine stages of escalating conflicts and how managers can counter them
  • Positive and negative cycles of conflict
  • Ways to minimise conflict potential in communication: Practical elements from Rosenberg's "Nonviolent communication"
  • Specific case management:Methods for solving situation-specific conflicts

The specific training content of conflict management is centred on the participants' personal requirements. Based on a needs analysis, we work with you to determine the programme content that is relevant to you.

The seminar content teaches you firstly how to identify and categorise potential conflict. In a conflict analysis, various situations of conflict and their starting point are assessed, and reviewed together. The training can also cover the emergence and dynamics of conflicts – including looking at the factors that trigger conflicts. In this context, participants are taught methods to enable them to intervene to deescalate situations of conflict.

Further possible course content:

Personal behaviour in situations of conflict

  • Personal attitude to conflicts and situations of conflict
  • Recognising and understanding personal behaviour
  • Personal reactions and communication: what should I say?
  • Personal action plan

Basic principles of communication and conversing

  • The square of communication
  • Understanding the situation: The situational model

Effective approaches for solving conflicts

  • The four steps for solving a conflict: analysing, verbalising emotions, respecting needs, requesting rather than demanding
  • Rules for mediation and moderation in conflict discussions
  • Supporting communication techniques

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