Complaints and grievance management

Dealing with customers who have a complaint or grievance requires a high degree of sensitivity and empathy. This course teaches staff and managers who are frequently confronted with complaints the skills of complaint and grievance management, and enables them to develop further in this area.

Seminar content:

Service-oriented communication with customers and efficient response to complaints play a key role in customer satisfaction. This two-day intensive seminar will teach you how to analyse your own communication style and that of the other party, identify and rectify misunderstandings and counter objections. Participants learn how to tap and consciously deploy their own strengths and development potential. They develop their own 'toolkit’ to better manage day-to-day challenges.

  • Dealing with complaints and difficult situations
    • Solutions-oriented communication
    • Putting together convincing arguments
    • Dynamic approach to complaints and grievance procedures within the organisation
    • Steps for dealing effectively with complaints
  • Complaints and grievances in an intercultural context
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Drafting correspondence with respect to complaints and grievances
  • Practical exercises for handling objections
  • Techniques to defuse complaint situations
  • Cultural misunderstandings and their consequences
  • Sources of misunderstanding at the verbal, paraverbal and non-verbal level

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Reklamations- und Beschwerdemanagement

Der Faktor Kundenzufriedenheit kann gar nicht überschätzt werden. Die serviceorientierte Kundenkommunikation sowie die effiziente Bearbeitung von Reklamationen spielen dabei eine zentrale Rolle. Lernen Sie in diesem zweitägigen Intensivseminar, Ihren eigenen Kommunikationsstil und den Ihres Gegenübers zu analysieren sowie Missverständnisse und Einwände zu erkennen bzw. aufzulösen.