Office and customer management

Long-term customer relationships are crucial to stable and sustainable business. It doesn"t just mean attracting new customers, but also maintaining and fostering existing business relationships. This training shows you to perform customer analyses in a focused and efficient way, and develop and build on loyalty through "Service Excellence".


In this seminar, participants learn ways to identify their customers and create long-term loyalty through a relationship built on trust. Exercises based on real scenarios that teach participants the practical skills they need to respond to different customer types and their needs.

Target group

Skills training in customer care will benefit everyone who wants to improve their ability to handle their customers with confidence and efficiency. Through comprehensive background knowledge, extensive rhetorical and practice-based exercises in customer-focused thinking and working ensure participants are fully prepared for all possible scenarios and situations in dealing with customers.

Training content

  • Customer relations roles and tasks
  • Psychology of customer relations
  • Winning new customers and customer loyalty – interfaces and transitions
  • Customer experience: Customer Service Excellence
  • Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Developing a customer relationship system
  • Early detection of projects
  • Increase customer profitability: upselling/cross-selling
  • Future-oriented design of customer processes - Identify contact points and make optimal use of them for the right atmosphere.

Course content

Below is an initial overview of the course content. Content will be aligned to participants" individual needs on the basis of a needs analysis.

The role of office management

  • Office management targets and tasks
  • Preparing proposals and systematic follow-up
  • Dealing with complaints and grievances
  • Selectively target cross-selling and upselling potential
  • Support sales campaigns/marketing activities
  • Compile and generate financial statements independently

Customer analysis

  • Customer differentiation strategies and assessment models
  • Portfolio analysis: support business development strategies
  • Identify and exceed you customers" expectations

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