Moderation is a successful working method in shaping workshops, meetings and conferences. Through systematic recording, visualization and structuring of all participant contributions by a moderator, the common results are developed in a consensus-oriented manner.

Target group

Team leaders, project managers, specialist and executive personnel whose role involves working in and with teams or leading meetings and discussions. The target group also includes trainers and junior employees.


  • Tasks and role of a moderator
  • Structure and plan the procedure
  • Formulate concrete goals and moderation content
  • Defuse critical situations
  • Sustain conversations and discussions
  • Use the moderator toolkit and other media

Focus points

  • Gain confidence as a moderator
  • Use a variety of moderation methods
  • Use communication effectively
  • Encourage and develop group dynamics
  • Manage difficult situations

Course content

Below is an overview of the possible course content. This course content is based on the individual needs and requirements of the participant.

Preparation and structure

  • Record tasks correctly
  • Prepare events and meetings
  • Establish the goal of the event
  • Participant analysis

Role and tasks of a moderator

  • Role of a moderator in the project team, in meetings or in discussions
  • Dealing with different dynamics in teams and groups
  • Moderation methods

Group dynamics and working groups

  • Activate the team and lead it to work together
  • Achieve effective results through management and support
  • Encourage creativity and promote group work

Using visualisations tools in moderation

  • Collate and structure information
  • Use questioning techniques
  • Work with mind-mapping
  • Evaluate and summarise results
  • Give feedback

Deal with difficult situations

  • Participant objections and resistance
  • Uncooperative participants
  • Dealing with critical questions

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