Moderation is a successful method for shaping workshops, meetings and conferences. Through systematic recording, visualization and structuring of all participant contributions by a moderator, the common results are developed in a consensus-oriented manner. The seminar is appropriate for anyone whose work includes working in teams or chairing meetings and discussions.

Overview of training content:

  • Gaining confidence as a moderator
  • Tasks and role of a moderator
    • Dealing with different dynamics in teams and groups
    • Moderation methods
  • Structuring and planning the procedure
    • Recording tasks correctly
    • Establishing the goal of the event
    • Participant analysis
  • Formulating concrete goals and moderation content
  • Using visualisation tools in moderation
  • Defusing critical situations
  • Sustaining conversations and discussions
  • Encouraging and develop group dynamics
    • Activating the team and leading it to work together
    • Achieving effective results through management and support
    • Encouraging creativity and promoting group work

If your daily work frequently requires you to facilitate presentations or workshops and you would like to develop further in this area, We would be delighted to tell you more about this seminar. Get in touch!


Bei der Gestaltung von Workshops, Sitzungen und Tagungen ist die Moderation eine erfolgreiche Arbeitsmethode. Durch die systematische Aufnahme, Visualisierung und Strukturierung aller Teilnehmerbeiträge durch einen Moderator werden die gemeinsamen Ergebnisse konsensorientiert erarbeitet.