Training voucher: English/German for business (AZAV)

Language skills are essential for the workplace and your career: the "English for Business" and "German for Business" language courses are designed to improve your career opportunities and help you succeed with your next job application with practice-oriented business English/German.

Learning goals and content

KERN AG Training native language teachers teach in English and German only, and full understand companies' requirements in terms of day-to-day business language. With a tailored plan of techniques for the job you hope for, small groups and practice-oriented multimedia exercises, the "English for Business" and "German for Business" language courses prepare participants optimally for day-to-day business in English or German.

The language course has a modular structure. Following a placement test, you will immediately be assigned to the right level of course (language level B1 to C1 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). You will receive a recognised certificate as proof of your language skills.

Choose from these course programmes:

B1 to C1 full-time: 2 to 20 weeks, weekdays 9.00 to 17.00

B1 to C1 part-time: 4 to 40 weeks, weekdays 9.00 to 13.00


Elective module:

Module 1

  • The basics of day-to-day business: around the organisation
  • Getting to know your colleagues and introducing yourself
  • The basics of telephone calls and emails

Module 2

  • Arranging appointments
  • Preparing work schedules and considering your work-life balance
  • Compiling simple reports and giving feedback
  • Planning and organising business trips

Module 3

  • Describing products and services
  • Comparing proposals
  • Job application training: analysis of strengths/weaknesses

Module 4

  • Simple projects and business planning
  • Coordinating a conference
  • Company types and strategies (case studies)

Module 5

  • Dealing with stress in the workplace
  • Intercultural induction: company culture
  • Processes and procedures

Module 6

  • Marketing
  • Job interviews
  • Presentations
  • Team work and team-building

Module 7

  • Job description and requirements
  • Marketing tools at a glance
  • Forming a company

Module 8

  • Preparing for and holding meetings
  • Maintaining customer relations
  • The right job for me: matching

Module 9

  • What does personnel management entail?
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Job application training

Module 10

  • Moderating meetings
  • Dealing with customers
  • Innovation management

Further information about the training voucher

With the training voucher, the Employment Centre pays the cost of further education with a certified training provider. Certain conditions must be met to obtain 100% funding: the further education must be necessary to integrate the employee into work in the case of unemployment, or to avoid the threat of unemployment. We are happy to support you with all the formalities.

You will find further information, which you can also print out, in our "Training Voucher: English for Business" "Training voucher - German for Business" flyers.