English for Purchasing

Successful buyers are constantly concerned about developing their skills even further. In the 'English for Purchasing' training course, your employees can reflect on and develop further precisely these skills so that they can communicate confidently and purposefully in English at every stage of the purchasing process! The training is designed for anyone keen to learn how to present convincing arguments in favour of their products and services in purchasing negotiations and would like tips to help them confidently reach their goals in English.

Below is an initial overview of the possible course content. It covers a range of topics through which we help you develop your linguistic abilities.

  • Purchasing strategies
  • Successful relationship management in negotiations
  • Systematic preparation for price negotiations
  • Establish purchasing strategies
  • Invitations to tender and the assessment of proposals
  • Strategically selecting suppliers
  • and much more 

Participants practise specialist vocabulary, terminology and industry-specific expressions in relation to the various subject areas. The exact content of the seminar will be in line with participants' individual needs and determined as accurately as possible by means of needs analysis:

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