• English for Meetings

    English for Meetings

    Your opinion counts - put forward convincing arguments and use objections constructively

English for Meetings

In many business areas, communication in meetings takes place in English. In the training course English for Meetings, you will learn the key vocabulary and expressions that you need to take part in international meetings and negotiations.

Overview of the training content:

  • Preparing for meetings
  • Questioning techniques Information questions, response questions
  • Expressing agreement and criticism
  • Making recommendations and submitting suggestions
  • Leading and moderating meetings
  • Discussing problems and decision-making
  • Meetings simulation
  • Grammar and vocabulary 

We are happy to adjust the content of the training course to your personal needs. Please contact us with any questions – we'd be delighted to put together a suitable proposal for you!

English for Meetings

Ihre Meinung zählt – überzeugend argumentieren und Einwände konstruktiv nutzen. Sie erlernen die sprachliche Kompetenz im Umgang mit Geschäftspartnern verschiedener Kulturen in internationalen Besprechungen.