• English for Business Communication

    English for Business Communication

    This training course conveys all the skills you will need for successful business communication - whether it's by mail or by telephone.

English for Business Communication

Professional business communication means more than just using the language correctly – and it's becoming increasingly important given the rise in international relationships. This training conveys all the necessary skills for successful business communication - whether it’s by mail or by telephone. This ensures that the participants are well-prepared for contact with foreign business partners.


  • Professional appearance and positive affect
  • Greater skill in negotiations through better command of language and conversation
  • Improved long-term cooperation by eliminating communicative misunderstandings
  • Higher productivity through effective communication

Overview of the training content:

  • Golden rules of business correspondence via e-mail and telephone (confident writing style, important phrases and expressions)
  • Leading and directing conversations
  • Forms of address and rules of greeting in business communication
  • Questioning techniques
  • Ability to discuss complex issues
  • Effect of your own voice

Business Communication

Professionelle Geschäftskommunikation ist mehr als nur die korrekte Anwendung der Sprache – und sie wird im Rahmen wachsender internationaler Beziehungen immer wichtiger. Um Personen, die regelmäßig mit ausländischen Geschäftspartnern in Kontakt treten, für die besonderen Gegebenheiten solcher Gespräche zu sensibilisieren, werden im Rahmen dieses Seminars alle notwendigen Fähigkeiten für eine erfolgreiche Businesskommunikation – sowohl schriftlich per Mail als auch per Telefon – vermittelt.