Welcome to the KERN Language School in Mannheim

With decades of experience in our language school in Mannheim we offer tailored language courses, amongst others English, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian - matching the international and multicultural flair of Mannheim!

Additionally we offer business seminars and intercultural training so that nothing stands in the way of your professional success! Here you will learn soft skills in order to successfully assert yourself in everyday working life, particularly with our communication training and other training measures concerning time and self-management or social skills.

We would be happy to tailor this programme content to the personal needs of your staff. Of course you can also contact us by email, telephone or personally in our branch.

KERN AG Training

O7, 4 (Planken)
68161 Mannheim 

Telephone (06 21) 4004 2990
Fax: (06 21 ) 4004 2992 -9