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Leipzig is the most heavily populated city out of the five New Federal States and, together with the neighbouring city Halle (Saale), constitutes a megalopolis. Along with Frankfurt am Main, the city is a historical centre of the printing press and book trade and also has a special connection to Johann Sebastian Bach. Another interesting feature of Leipzig is that it also boasts one of the oldest universities, as well as one of the oldest colleges for German trade and music; this makes it an attractive choice for a multitude of students - not just from the inland. The Leipzig International Chamber Music Festival is an expression of how big a role music has in Leipzig. Languages, interpreting and translations of course play a very important role in such a cultural and international environment.

The city of Leipzig is also known beyond the borders of Germany through the Leipzig trade fair, which is one of the oldest trade fair grounds in the world. This role as a world-famous trade fair city naturally attracts a variety of international visitors and businesses. Moreover, Central German Broadcasting (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk – MDR), different publishers and communication and information technology businesses are headquartered in Leipzig.

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