Welcome to the KERN Training Language School in Aachen

In Aachen, everything has a history. And most of it begins with Charles the Great. He was the founder of the city and has dominated its history for 1200 years. He has left many marks on the city which, even today, is still worth a closer look. The old city centre of Aachen invites you to take a stroll around, and the cathedral, the town hall and the many museums awaken the curiosity of tourists and local residents alike.

A quick hop over to Belgium or the Netherlands is very easy, as Aachen is the most westerly city in Germany, situated right on the border of both countries.

KERN AG Training

Kapuzinergraben 18-22
52062 Aachen

Tel.: (02 41) 94 37 66-0
Fax (02 41) 3 43 28-70


How to find KERN's branch in Aachen:

The branch has a very central location on the Innenstadtring (inner city ring road). Kapuzinergraben 18-22 is directly opposite the theatre and on the other side of the road from the Kapuzinerkarree.

Two multi-storey car parks are available: one belongs to the Delhaize supermarket, which can be accessed via Borngasse; the other is located near the Sparkasse and can be accessed via Kleinmarschierstraße.