Welcome to the KERN Training Language School in Heilbronn

Heilbronn is the sixth biggest city in the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemburg. The city, situated on the Neckar, is particularly well known for its operational viniculture and constitutes the economic, cultural and administrative centre of the Heilbronn-Franconia region. With approximately 530 hectares of vine cultivation, Heilbronn is but the third biggest wine-growing municipality in Wuerttemburg. Situated wonderfully between vineyards, Heilbronn contains, along with its viniculture, all kinds of museums and theatres for the culture-loving visitor, including for example, the German Congregation Cathedral, the Kilian church or the market place.

The major city, Heilbronn, comprises nine city sections. Every one of these sections has its own character, its own town centre and its own cultural life. The image of the city as a whole is shaped so decisively by its sectors, but equally the affiliation to Heilbronn shapes the individual city sector. Some of the most famous people from Heilbronn include Theodor Heuss, Wilhelm Maybach, Eberhard Gmelin, Fritz Ulrich Wilhelm Waiblinger and Victoria Wolff.

KERN AG Training

Fleiner Strasse 7
74072 Heilbronn

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By public transport:

a) Take the bus line 10, 11, 41, 61 or 64 until the bus stop Allee/Post, or Allee/Post West. Depending on which direction you originally came from. 
If you arrive on the West side, then keep to the left. You should see Commerzbank directly in front of you. Then turn right at the first street. You should be on Klarastraße. Continue straight but switch to the other side of the street. Our training centre is located on Klarastraße 10. on the left side of the street between the carpet and clothing shop. In case you do not arrive on the west side, but directly in front of the post office, go through the underpass passing under the avenue. This way, you will arrive directly at the starting point described above. Keep left and follow the path described above.
b) You take the city train and exit at the Station “Rathaus”. You walk along to the Kilianskirche (church) in the direction of “Allee”, until you reach the junction of Kaiserstraße/Sülmer Straße. Turn right directly after the Kilianskirche, onto Kiliansplatz. Go straight ahead. You will come across a small street which leads upwards to the left. The travel Agents “Travelpoint” and the coffee shop “Starbucks” can be used for points of reference. Keeping left, follow the street uphill. After approximately 50 meters, you will find our training centre on the right hand side between the carpet and clothing shop on Klarastraße 10. 

By car:

  • From the north:
    Coming from the direction of Mannheim on the A6, you leave the motorway at the junction of Heilbronn/Neckarsulm and drive further on the B27 in the direction of Heilbronn/Neckarsulm/Bad Friedrichshall. Keep half right on the B27 in the direction Heilbronn / Neckarsulm. Follow the course of the road and you will arrive directly in the city centre of Heilbronn. After approximately 4 km turn right onto “Allee”. After a further 700 m, turn right again and you will have reached Klarastraße.
  • From the south:
    From the A81 coming from the direction of Stuttgart; leave the motorway at the junction of Heilbronn / Untergruppenbach. Keep half way to the right and drive along the L1111 in direction of Heilbronn-Zentrum/Untergruppenbach/Löwenstein. After 350 m turn left onto the L1111 in the direction of Untergruppenbach. Follow the course of the road and you will arrive directly onto the B27 to Heilbronn after approximately 8 km. In Heilbronn, keep left on the B27. After about 600 metres, turn right onto the L3420/Fünffensterstraße. Continue driving straight ahead and you will arrive initially on the street “Am Wollhaus” and then on the “Allee”. After 240 m turn left on the avenue and after 20 m make another left turn. After 200 m turn right onto “Klarastraße”.

The Training centre is located on a part of the Klarastraße which is a pedestrian zone only, therefore parking spots directly in front of the training centre are unfortunately not available. It is best to park in the car park of the Wollhaus shopping centre. The car park is signposted on the way from the motorway to the Training centre. Follow the white sign with black writing.
The exit of the car park is located in the Wollhaus shopping centre. Take the left up and exit the Wollhaus on the floor in which the Chinese takeaway is located. Take the exit which leads directly onto the bus park and the Taxi stand area. Keep left and you will see a large blue building directly in front of you in which Commerzbank is located. Go directly towards it. At the entrance of Comerzbank turn left around the corner and you arrive on Klarastraße. Follow the course of the road downhill and in the direction of Kiliansplatz. After approximately 1 minute, you will reach our training centre located on 10, Klarastraße. The centre is between the carpet and clothing shop.