• Language training for bankers

    Language Courses for Banking

    For financial employees who want to confidently communicate with international business partners in English. 

Language Courses for Banking

The language training for bankers is specifically designed for anyone working in finance who wants to communicate confidently in English, German or another foreign language with international business partners – whether over the phone, by email or in direct contact in meetings.

The participants train the appropriate vocabulary as well as certain phrases that are necessary for the finance industry. Written communication, e. g. for emails, is also expanded. They also train special situations from daily business life such as meetings, presentations and negotiations during the training course. This is the ideal opportunity to expand upon one's own language skills and to improve business competence in an international context.

The course content will be tailored to participants' individual requirements by means of a needs analysis. Recent financial articles covering the euro, shares and pensions markets as well as the company's in-house documentation (presentations, reports, web pages, emails etc.) ensure that the teaching is in line with expectations and requirements.

Overview of the possible programme contents:

  • Structure of the financial economy: key vocabulary for banking products and services, development of the financial industry, analysis and discussion of relevant news articles
  • Working with private customers Vocabulary, investments and banking, discussion of future trends
  • Compiling financial reports
  • Financial planning: analysis of investments and leading debates
  • Key banking topics and basic vocabulary
  • Efficient budget planning, liquidity and cashflow

Placement test and registration

The efficiency of the lessons and thus the learning success depend largely on the fact that all participants in a group have comparable previous knowledge. With our placement test, we ensure that the group composition is homogeneous and the participants can be successfully trained. The placement test is completed online and is designed around the Common European Framework of reference for languages (CEF). The test takes up to 45 minutes. The following are tested: vocabulary, grammar, use of idioms and comprehension of texts.

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