Key skills in sales

Sales are the key to a company's success. Increasing competition in all markets makes differentiation from the competition increasingly decisive. How exactly are the needs and requirements of the customer understood and how specifically are they addressed? In sales training, the participants learn to adapt specifically to the customers and to recognize their needs and their purchasing behaviour. Practical exercises give participants the chance to compose their own toolkit of methods to enable them to lead conversations with confidence and acquire customers for long-term collaboration based on partnership.

The sales seminar will teach you the most important sales techniques and will further develop your communication skills. This practical seminar teaches strategies for effective, success-focused sales behaviour. Peak sales performance requires every sales person to be aware of their effect on customers, and of their own rhetoric.

Overview of training content:

  • Building and developing customer relationships
  • Needs-based sales
  • Developing personal sales skills
  • Developing and train in new techniques
  • Using your individual strengths
  • Customer focus in sales communication

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Der Vertrieb ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg eines Unternehmens. Durch steigenden Wettbewerb auf allen Märkten wird die Differenzierung immer wichtiger und entscheidender. Wie genau werden die Bedürfnisse und Anforderungen des Kunden verstanden und wie gezielt wird darauf eingegangen?